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University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

161st Committee on Science and Technology of Crystal Growth

Aims and Goals

Through cooperation with industry, academia, and government, the committee promotes the development of the science and technology of crystal growth, which constitutes the root of materials science and the materials industry, and links it to the nation’s unique and advanced materials technology and to the development of new crystal materials. These activities are aimed at contributing to the placement of Japan’s academia and industry in advantageous positions in the world as members of a technology-oriented country having pioneering, differentiated technology.

Research Themes

1. Science and technology of crystal growth

(1) Crystal materials related to energy and the environment

(2) Epitaxial growth and crystals for its substrates

(3) Optics-related crystal materials

(4) Medical engineering-related crystal materials

(5) New crystallization technology and related peripheral technologies


2. Activities to contribute to education and international standardization and exchanges

Committee Chairperson

Hiroshi Fujioka
The University of Tokyo


April 2016 to March 2021 (Fifth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 46
Industry: 44
Total membership: 90

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

International Conferences: The committee led the launching of the Asian Conference on Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology; the International Workshop on Science and Technology of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells; and the International Symposium on Laser, Scintillator and Non Linear Optical Materials, and established them as forums for frontier discussions of crystal growth and crystal applications in their respective fields.

Publication of findings: The committee published Advanced Growth Technology and Application of Bulk Single Crystal (CMC Publishing Co., Ltd.) and Shaped Crystals (Springer).

Findings: Development of new growth technology for high-quality and high-homogeneity Si bulk polycrystals for photovoltaic cells and the application of this technology to large ingot growth, development of growth technology for high-quality gallium nitride bulk crystals and thin film crystals, development of growth technology for high-quality zinc oxide bulk single crystals, creation of oxide and fluoride scintillator crystals, etc.