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University-Industry Research Cooperation Societally Applied Scientific Linkage and Collaboration

University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

Aims and Goals

Process systems engineering aims at the comprehensive optimization of processes through researches on basic theory, methodologies, and technologies employing computers. Researches in this field initially focused on the design and control problems of large continuous processes, but recently,
a wide range of researches have been carried out by taking account of human’s role in manufacturing and life cycles of both plant and product. These activities receive strong interest and expectations from the chemical and other industries.

In this committee, industrial engineers cooperate closely with academic researchers in the field of process engineering, systems engineering, and information engineering to solve problems.
By challenging real industrial problems, the committee aims at the technological progress of the related academic and industrial areas.

Research Themes

1. All-around process systems engineering research through the committee’s seminar
2. Concentrated studies of important topics through subcommittee activities over two-year periods

Recent subcommittee topics

  • Soft sensors
  • Alarm management
  • Process control technology
  • Optimization of process systems engineering with decision-making support technologies
  • Monitoring the performance of controls: seeking practical process industry applications
  • Efforts to make quantitative evaluations of chemical plant safety and reliability
  • Designing batch control systems as discrete event systems
  • Batch process modeling for operations and management

Committee Chairperson

Yoshiyuki Yamashita
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


June 2016 to May 2021 (Ninth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 53
Industry: 50
Total membership: 103

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

Report on Advanced Process Control Survey Results, edited by Manabu Kano, June 2009 (Japanese)
Introduction to S88: For the improvement of the design of batch systems, edited by Japan Batch Forum, 2007
Introduction to S88: For the improvement of the design of batch systems, edited by Japan Batch Forum, March 2004 (Japanese)

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