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University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

Aims and Goals

Great strides have been made in research into materials with atomic and molecular level microstructures in recent years, and materials based on this research are being rapidly developed. The variety of materials has expanded from a base in metals to include ceramics, semiconductors, macromolecules, and biomaterials.

This committee brings together researchers in this area in response to urgent requests from industry and aims to create materials with the new functions needed in a new age by promoting research concentrated on material microstructures and functionality. We prioritize materials with applications for the environment, energy, and information.

Research Themes

1.  Research into material microstructures
 (1) Applications for internal friction measurement methods, electron microscopes, atom probes,
      atomic force, microscopes, X-rays, positron annihilation, and so on
 (2) Metal materials, intermetallic compounds, amorphous materials, ceramics, semiconductors,
      macromolecules, biomaterials, composite materials, and new materials
2. Functionality development and research into new material design methods
Requirements related to acoustic properties, internal friction, superplasticity, creep, fatigue, brittle fractures, thermophysical properties, electrical properties of materials, magnetic properties of materials, optical properties of materials, corrosion resistance (dry, wet, and stress corrosion and surface treatment), radiation resistance, information materials, energy materials, aerospace environments, and so on
3. Nanotechnology
4. Research related to the development of materials with high damping capabilities

Committee Chairperson

Shin Takeuchi
Professor Emeritus
The University of Tokyo


June 1962

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 53
Industry: 20
Total membership: 73

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