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University-Industry Research Cooperation Societally Applied Scientific Linkage and Collaboration

University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

Aims and Goals

This committee has contributed greatly to academia and industry since 1961, when its name was the 130th Boundary Region between Light and Electromagnetic Waves Committee, by conducting research into the common foundations of light and electromagnetic waves. The committee changed its name to the Committee on Optoelectronics in 1993 to additionally expand and advance the research blending electronics and photonics that was made possible by lasers.

This has meant the promotion of research in the field of optoelectronics, the foundation for information technology (IT), directed toward contributing to producing new technologies that appropriately meet the needs of companies and advanced science and technology.

The committee has set up the following four subcommittees, which hold research conferences and joint research conferences. The committee also holds an open symposium on March 8, which it has proposed be called “Light Day.”

Subcommittee 1 : Generation and detection of electromagnetic waves
Subcommittee 2 : Optical information transmission devices and systems
Subcommittee 3 : Optical information input, output, processing, and applied instrumentation
Subcommittee 4 : Nanophotonics and nanoprocessing

Research Themes

1. High-performance laser sources and highly functional light detection device technology (pursuit of ultra-high-speed, broadband-wavelength, highly efficient, compact light sources and detection technologies, etc.)
2. Ultra-high-speed, high-capacity photonic networks; optoelectronic devices; all-optical data processing technology; and high-capacity optical transmission technology
3. Ultra-high-density and ultra-high-speed optical memory and optical data processing and data displays with polarization controls employing liquid crystal and other elements
4. Nanophotonics-related devices and systems and processing technologies employing nanotechnology

Committee Chairperson

Takashi Kurokawa
Professor Emeritus
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


March 1961

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 28
Industry: 21
Total membership: 49