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University-Industry Research Cooperation Societally Applied Scientific Linkage and Collaboration

University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

Aims and Goals

In Japan, the improvement of the heat resistance of high temperature structural components in thermal power generators has led to ultra-super critical power generation and combined cycle power generation, achieving higher thermal efficiency. The achievement has strengthened a driving force further to improve the heat resistance of high temperature structural components. Meanwhile, the increase in operating temperature of car engines required the improvement of the operating temperature of their components. For this reason, the R&D trends in the world have directed the development of high-temperature aluminum and titanium alloys.

The committee has played important roles as a leader in Japan for the improvement of the heat-resistance of high temperature structural materials and has contributed to the development of steam turbines superior to those developed in Western countries. Such large contributions have been conducted through meaningful exchange of opinions between academia, industry and government. This committee has obtained outstanding achievements and furthermore fostered human resources by steadily providing a table for the opinion exchange and presenting prospects for the future. The committee also addresses advanced heat-resistant materials, advanced materials processing and environmental resistance of materials with future prospects, and plays pace-setting roles for the fields.

Research Themes

The committee activities places priority on the following topics:
1. Improvement of the high temperature strength of ferritic steels, and application of heat-resistant austenitic steel to the structural components of boilers and turbines
2. Improvement of the high temperature properties of nickel-based superalloys, and investigation of their future prospects
3. Assessment of the mechanical properties of intermetallic compounds, and development of heat-resistant titanium alloys
4. Development of heat-resistant metallic materials for trash incineration plants and for fuel cells, and improvement of coating technologies

Committee Chairperson

Masao Takeyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology


April 1957

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 50
Industry: 98
Total membership: 148

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

Committee’s activities include the annual plenary meeting combined with a lecture and a study tour, three workshops and a forum. The workshops were reorganized in 1997 and are operated by four subcommittees; heat-resistant steels, nickel-base superalloys, advanced heat-resistant materials and advanced materials processing, and environmental resistance of materials subcommittees. Research reports are compiled in the Report of the 123rd Committee on Heat Resisting Materials and Alloys at every workshop and forum.