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University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

Aims and Goals

Carbon materials, consisting of graphite, diamond, and carbon allotropes and their compounds, are materials with great diversity. Carbon clusters and nanotubes have also caused a sensation in academic societies and industry recently. With the aim of contributing to the advancement of science and technology in the relevant technological sectors, this committee conducts studies, basic and applied research, standardization, and other efforts related to the production, use, and evaluation of the wide-range of carbon materials. This committee has four subcommittees, A through D, that are divided according to the content of their activities. Subcommittee A handles carbon raw materials, carbon and graphite compounds, and basic issues related to developing new carbon materials. Subcommittee B deals with issues related to the structures and physical properties of carbon materials. Subcommittee C handles the applications of carbon materials. Subcommittee D deals with the characteristic expressions of carbon brushes and contact strips. The committee convenes four times a year for reports on research that have been put together, of course, along with reports committee members have assembled and brought in individually on issues that have been difficult to interpret, the latest data, and other subjects. Question and answer sessions of 15 to 60 minutes are held for each report. Further, lecture sessions are also held once a year. In these sessions, young, energetic researchers as well as well-known researchers are asked to give presentations.

Research Themes

Producing functional nanospace and microspace in carbon materials
Basic science and applications related to nanocarbon for advanced energy devices
Development of new functions for carbon alloys
Creating new carbon materials for active responses to global environmental problems

Committee Chairperson

Masayuki Kawaguchi
Osaka Electro-Communication University


March 1948

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 67
Industry: 34
Total membership: 101

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