About Us

Program Outline


 Toward promoting the international mobility and circulation of talented people, this program supports the building, equipping and operating of research facilities that can be expected to create leading-edge results within highly capable research hubs, which it does with an eye to strengthening and accelerating the establishment of research infrastructures capable of attracting young researchers to these hubs from both in and outside Japan.

Project Selection

Projects that meet the following criteria are eligible to receive grants.
(1) Have an important policy orientation, such as contributing to Japan’s S&T diplomacy or contributing to Japan’s mid- to long-term growth strategy.
(2) By advancing research mainly in the areas of green and/or life innovation, the funded research facilities are expected to accelerate the establishment of global-level research hubs or to build international research hubs.
(3) The facilities should be able to attract young researchers from both in and outside Japan and enable them to work together in an environment of friendly rivalry. Projects should be designed in such a way as to allow facility use by outside researchers.
(4) Provision is made within the screening protocol for research themes that amplify regional characteristics.

Program Budget

FY 2010: ¥30 billion

Project Duration

1-3 years

Grant Expenditures

Funding needed for establishing and operating research facilities. This operational funding may also be used to support research by young and female researchers using facilities established or equipped under this program.