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Symposium Held on Technology for Landmine Detection and RemovalAttended by 114 young pre- and postdoctoral researchers from the US, UK, France, Germany and Canada, the JSPS Summer Program, cosponsored by the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai), was held over a 2-month period from 17 June to 21 August.

Featuring a research internship at a host institution, the program began with a one-week orientation held at the Shonan Village Center in the seaside resort town of Hayama. At it, the fellows received special lectures, gave poster presentations, attended classes in Japanese language learning, engaged in Japanese culture activities, and experienced Japanese living through homestay with a Japanese family. After the orientation, the young researchers went their separate ways to their respective host institutions. Their summer internships afforded them an experience upon which to consider coming back to Japan to do research at future junctures in their careers. On the day before the program ended, the participants reassembled to present reports on their summer research activities.

For more detailed information on the JSPS Summer Program, please see our website: http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-summer/

- Overseas Fellowship Division

Research Activities

Ms. Einsporn with Prof. Suzuki
Ms. Einsporn with Prof. Suzuki

The centerpiece of the JSPS Summer Program is the fellows' internship at a host research institution, where they take part in research activities with frontline Japanese researchers in their respective fields. The following are comments offered by two of the fellows on their research experiences.

Ms. Nicole K. Einsporn
(PhD student, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)) at Hosei University
Her host: Prof. Akira Suzuki

"Thanks to introductions by my host advisor, I was able to meet researchers from leading Japanese labour and policy institutions, many of whom were economists, social scientists, lawyers and historians, and discuss with them interdisciplinary fields germane to my dissertation. I attended international law dialogues that helped to expand the vistas of my research. My advice to new fellows is to keep an open mind and learn at least some Japanese, as it will be very helpful to you in your daily life, especially in breaking the ice and mingling with Japanese people. Making Japanese friends is the best way to experience the Japanese lifestyle, traditions and pop culture. Besides building a web of professional contacts by visiting as many labs or institutes connected to your research field as possible, you should also enjoy Japanese cultural events and nightlife."

Ms. Einsporn with Prof. Suzuki
Mr. Shanks with Prof. Mori and group

Mr. Denton K. Shanks
(MSc student, Drexel University) at Nagasaki University
His host: Prof. Nozomu Mori

"My experience in the JSPS Summer Fellowship Program has been incredible and enlightening!! This program provided me the opportunity to come to Japan and live, not as a mere tourist, but as a global scientist surrounded by devoted and intelligent people. I was accepted as a true member of the lab, and thus had an amazing opportunity to absorb the great characteristics of Japanese science and culture, as well as to share my culture with people who showed a great interest in it. I encourage anyone who is drawn towards this type of experience to go ahead with an open mind and realize that endless benefits can be reaped through your new global connections."

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