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Comments from Dr.Hunter

1. What prompted you decide to participate in the "JSPS Science Dialogue" program?

I wanted to have experience teaching to high school students in Japan.

2. To what did you give greatest attention in preparing and giving the lecture?

JSPS fellows should make the slides clear and understandable and at the appropriate scientific level (and include and introduction to there country).

3. Did you find it difficult to give a lecture in English to Japanese students? Could you give some advice to future lecturers on how to facilitate communication with Japanese students?

Very important to speak very slowly and repeat each comment. Having a Japanese translator present is essential for the basic understanding of the lecture.

4. Could you give your impression with regard to participating in this program?

If the fellow plans the lecture well and gives a lecture the students will enjoy, then this is a very rewarding experience.

5. Was it meaningful in terms of your fellowship activities?

It is a good way for JSPS fellows to interact with the public. It is great to give a lecture to a non-specialist audience

6. In what ways do you think the students benefited from the program?

The students could experience a real English lecture and learn about a subject not normally tough at high school level.

7. Could you give some overall advice or comments to future participants in the program?

I think lectures should not be on the fellow's specific research area but on a general topic of interest which links with their research project in Japan.