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Dr. Yessy Arvelyna




Pre-fellowship host institute

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Host institute

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Host researcher

Prof. Masaki OSHIMA

Fellowship period

2006/04/01 ~ 2008/03/31

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Wavelet Network for Oceanic Feature Detection in Satellite Images for Marine Disaster Assessment


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

At beginning, I interested at Japan because of the richness of culture and new technology. My study is about ocean monitoring and computer science. These themes could be learned a lot at my lab. I was fortunate to get chance to finish my postgraduate study at Japan, then, I found out that there is new research possibility to continue, with new theme and new data under postdoctoral research. Not only study, I could also learn about Japanese spirit at work and life. I am glad that I chosen Japan to conduct my research study!

Research achievements

I could learn new study on softcomputing and human brain, and successfully conducted a field work study. I am writing on several papers on it. I also could learn other researches results by visiting several agencies/univs on oceanography and computer science research inside/outside Japan, and gave my research presentation to various level of audience national/international.

Advice to new fellows

It may be difficult to be "A Roman in Rome", I suggest just to be a part of Japanese life and society by learning Japanese language, culture, art, music, and society, see the beauty of Japan's nature, and making friends with peoples from various countries. On study, it may be not easy to start a new one, but never give up. If you have any trouble on study or life, speak it out to your professor, senior/junior, friends or doctor. I guarantee that you will enjoy your life here, then can make a great energy for your research.