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Dr. Lu, Wei




Pre-fellowship host institute

Kobe University, Graduate School of Science and Technology

Host institute

Kobe University Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering

Host researcher

Dr. TOMITA Yoshihiro

Fellowship period

2003/04/01 - 2005/03/31

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Creation of High Strength and Multifunctional Polymer through Control of Micro-Blended Particles


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Japanese researchers are diligent and rigorous in their research. Through the frequent discussion with them, the fellows can learn a lot.

Research achievements

Micro- to Macroscopic deformation behavior of various polymer composites has been evaluated with a computational tool established with the homogenization method and the finite element method. Many valuable approaches to improve the strength or the toughness of such composites have been suggested.

Advice to new fellows

Respect your host and make deep discussions with him frequently.