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Dr. Wang Shuang-Feng




Pre-fellowship host institute

The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science

Host institute

The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science

Host researcher

Dr. NISHIO Shigefumi

Fellowship period

2003/11/16 - 2005/11/15

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Numerical Study on Self-Excited Mode Oscillating Flow Heart Pipe


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

First of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude for the financial support by JSPS, which makes it possible for me to do very interesting research in IIS (Institution of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo).
In the past year, I was impressed by the huge amount of government investment to educational and research institutions, such as the well-equipped labs, up-to-date library with easy access and lots of workshops for research discussions. I also noticed that there is a close connection between universities and the industry through the annual open house in June held by IIS.

Research achievements

What I am studying is how to cool down a compact notebook computer by a small pipe named heat-pipe with a working fluid inside, as the traditional cooling way by a fan is not powerful enough to do it. The experimental results show it has the ability of 50~100 times of copper on heat transfer. This year, we are simulating the flow behavior by CFD (computational fluid dynamics). If successful, it will save a large cost on doing experiments.
I have also enjoyed the daily life in Tokyo very much as the traffic is so convenient and there are so many shops and stores and auto-machines for you to buy necessities.

Advice to new fellows

Finally, I would like to provide some suggestions to new fellows. Firstly, you’d better send some time to learn Japanese language. It is great joy to communicate with Japanese people in their own language. Secondly, if you are studying in mechanical engineering as me, you’d better do more experiments even though you have a language barrier. If you have already spoken in Japanese, try to make friends outside the Univ. to understand more about Japanese life style and Japanese culture.