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Dr. Alfred Cheng Hock TAN




Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Southampton

Host institute

Tokyo Metropolitan University
Mechanical Engineering Department

Host researcher

Dr. Nobuo Tanaka

Fellowship period

2004/11/01 - 2006/10/31

Study field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Active Control of Environmental Noise


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

I have always been curious about Japanís education system in producing what many would have acknowledged the ever-astounding made-in-Japan commercial electronics products. The short stay in Japan did allow me to gain some insights toward this aspect besides brushing shoulders with some of the top brains in the country. I am pleased to have this great fortune indeed.

Research achievements

The returns of my research in Japan have brought me more than the usual personal tangibles. One of the things that run through my mind initially was what can I do to contribute to my host institution, or local community at large, which I would be unable to if I were to be not in Japan? Pardon me, but it is somewhat quite unimaginable that JSPSís sole intention of attracting foreign researchers here is to flourish the world with numerous periodical publications, since such deed is already in place by the many locally-honed researchers themselves. Rather, perhaps it helps to think about can one do to advance the scientific platform in Japan. This may not necessarily be in the zealous manner of hitting the world spotlight, but perhaps equally on a much mundane level, for instance, inspiring the young minds of local high school children via JSPS Science Dialogues. Passing on my enthusiasm towards research studies to the people I meet is always a delightful and meaningful thing to do. In a certain way, this is a boundless reward.

Advice to new fellows

Well, what advise can be better than the already many advices posted by ex-JSPS fellows? Now, many would agree that it is very easy to kindle a liking towards Japan. As in many different foreign cultures, I always consider it a privilege to be here to experience it. Personally, language was never a barrier to connect with people. Perhaps it is the patience that one has for the Japanese people to reach their comfortable sphere which will warm them up enough to be themselves just as they should always be. I believe new fellows can do that in their very own special way too if they try. May I wish all new fellows a wonderful time in Japan indeed!