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Dr. Abid Ali Shah




Pre-fellowship host institute

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering

Host institute

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering

Host researcher

Prof. Sohichi HIROSE

Fellowship period


Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation of Concrete Materials


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Japan has always been a place of great mysteries for me. During my PhD research in Germany the frequent news about Japanese technological advancements made me more curious to explore Japan. In 2006, therefore, I found an opportunity to land at the first time on Japanese soil as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology. To my surprise I found Japan a great place to live and work. Research at Tokyo Tech, in particular, has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn and understand many things from different viewpoints, and sometimes to question attitudes or values that I had previously learned or internalized.

Research achievements

I am currently working on a project about damage evaluation in concrete structures using non-linear ultrasonics. Non-linear ultrasonics is a new promising technique used for the effective non-destructive evaluation of material degradation. A series of experiments on concrete specimens (with different water-to-cement ratios) in damaged state has been conducted till date. Analysis of the test results lead to the conclusions that non-linearity appears in the presence of damage in concrete. It has been found that ultrasonic waves generate higher harmonics while propagating through a fatigued material. The obtained test results are successfully published in a conference proceeding in Japan. The work is still continued and several other interesting results are expected to arrive that will be very helpful in understanding the damaged concrete behavior under non-linear ultrasonics.

Advice to new fellows

Strictly follow the instructions of your professor, be an active part of your research group,  and enjoy your stay in Japan.