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Dr. Anis Faridah Md Nor




Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Malaya Physics Department

Host institute

Tohoku University,School of Engineering

Host researcher

Prof. Terunobu Miyazaki

Fellowship period

2004/06/22 - 2006/06/21

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Noise in Nanostructured TMR Junction


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Japan is one of the leading countries in developing magnetic tunnel junction for sensors and MRAM applications. Being the most advanced country in technology, the research facilities and working environment are excellent that make me choose Japan to conduct my research in developing Ultra Low Noise measuring system and noise characterizations of magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) systems. Thanks to JSPS for sponsoring my research that provide me with great opportunity to improve my technical skills and to developed long term collaboration work with the Japanese researchers. Another reason is that I would like to improve my Japanese language to be able to communicate better and to understand deeply the unique Japanese working culture adopted in their society.

Research achievements

I have developed an automated ultra low noise measuring system to be able to measure and detect the origin of intrinsic noise occurs in MgO and Al-O based MTJ. Noise measurement is a very sensitive method that can provide information about microscopic physical processes taking place in solid. The results from the experiments give important data in determining the optimum MTJ structure with high signal to noise ratio.
I am attached to one of the most active research group in MTJ in Japan that conducts several National Projects. This group have research collaboration with other research groups and also with industries. I have attended several important international and domestic conferences in this field held in Japan and also outside Japan. My paper has been accepted for publication in international journal and there will be several more conferences in the near future with several journal papers are in preparation.

Advice to new fellows

My honest advice is that balanced your life between research and people. Communications is very important to either making friends and even new connections with other researcher in and outside Japan. This fellowship can give you the opportunity to advance your research and with good character can lead you further into the world without limit.