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Dr. Hoang Nam Nguyen




Pre-fellowship host institute

Vienna University of Technology,
Institute of Communication Networks

Host institute

Keio University,
Faculty of Science and Technology

Host researcher


Fellowship period

2002/09/27 - 2004/09/26

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Next Generation Broadband Internet and Mobile Communication Networks


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Japan is not only one of leading countries in telecommunication and information technology research but also a country of long time history, interesting culture and beautiful landscape. Therefore the first reason to choose Japan is that I would like to do research in a highly dynamic, competitive and innovative environment. Another reason is to experience the life in Japan and to learn Japanese, working style and management procedures there.

Research achievements

I have had an excellent working time in Keio University, Japan where I have many chances to discuss with experts in my research fields, to investigate new technologies and to develop my own ideas in the field of next generation mobile networks. I have presented scientific papers several times in domestic and international conferences. Another paper has been submitted to an international journal.

Advice to new fellows

Japan is a very good place for working, living and experiencing new aspects of life and an interesting culture. The most difficult thing you might find here is Japanese language. Let consider learning Japanese as a new hobby and then you will find Japanese is not only useful for daily life but also a nice fun. Another important thing is to keep an open mind, accept all new things and enjoy them as much as possible.