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Dr. Saip Nami Kartal




Pre-fellowship host institute

Department of Forest Biology and Wood Protection Technology, Forestry Faculty, Istanbul University

Host institute

Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH) (Formerly:Wood Research Institute), Kyoto University

Host researcher

Professor Dr. Yuji IMAMURA

Fellowship period

2002/06/03 - 2004/06/02

Research field

Biological Sciences


Research title

Improvement of Leaching Characteristics of Boron Wood Preservatives


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Before starting my tenure under JSPS Fellowship, I had visited Japan for a scientific meeting held in Nara. I had particularly affected by unique Japanese culture, life-style, hospitality and very scientific environment in Japan universities. I had met Prof. Imamura during the meeting whom I had known for a long time and we had come an agreement to conduct studies in collaboration between the two institutes.

Research achievements

During my tenure, I have published 15 papers appeared in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. In addition, I have had two other scientific papers in national Japanese journals. I have attended four international and one national conferences, namely 4th International Wood Science Symposium in Indonesia organized by LIPI-JSPS Core University Program, Research Center for Physics, LIPI, Indonesia and Kyoto University; IAWPS 2003 International Conference on Forest Products 30th Anniversary of the Korean Society of Wood Science and Technology in South Korea; International Research Group on Wood Preservation (IRG) 34th Annual Meeting in Australia; Environmental Impacts of Preservative-Treated Wood Conference in the USA; and The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Wood Research Society in Japan and presented 8 papers in these meetings. I have also prepared a book chapter in collaboration with the researchers at RISH and a number of researchers from USA, Korea, India and Australia. I have continued my contact with RISH and started several on-going research projects. For the reasons regarding the projects, I have found many chances to visit Japan several times by official invitation of Prof. Imamura and RISH.

Advice to new fellows

My first advice would be about Japanese language and Japan life and thinking way. I strongly suggest that new fellows learn Japanese at least to overcome daily conversations and Japanese culture. These help new comers live comfortable and like Japan a lot better. I truly believe that foreigners will enjoy a lot Japanese culture and unique hospitality and there is no hesitation to select Japan to conduct research projects.