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Dr.Gardias Hewawasam Mummullage Jimila Subashi



Sri Lanka

Pre-fellowship host institute

Saitama University

Host institute

Saitama University
Faculty of Engineering

Host researcher

Prof. Yasunao MATSUMOTO

Fellowship period

2005/10/01 - 2007/09/30

Research field

Engineering Science


Research title

Non-linear Characteristics in the Human Dynamic and Subjective Responses to Whole-body Vibration


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

I have been impressed with excellent facilities available in Japanese Universities to conduct research. Additionally, I have been impressed by the attitudes of Japanese professors toward excellent research work.

Research achievements

I have conducted an experimental work so as to investigate relation between discomfort caused by vibration exposure and dynamic behavior of the human body exposed to the vibration. Experimental results are exciting! The experiment was conducted at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research as a collaborative research. From the collaborative work, I got an opportunity to work with experts whose interests and status find it advantageous to work together.
I have had an opportunity to do more research necessary to increase significance of unpublished data in my dissertation into journal publications. I have also had opportunities to present my research work at local and international conferences and made fruitful discussion on what I am doing.

Advice to new fellows

Becoming a JSPS postdoctoral fellow has life-long benefits in confidence and productivity of research. Therefore, this period may be the most rewarding time in your research career. My piece of advice to new fellows would be:
-Make publications in peer reviewed journals because publications affect your ability to success future career.
-Develop collaborations and communications with other scientists and experts in your research field.

Try to learn the Japanese language because some understanding of the language would help you to communicate with general people. By creating good communication and adjusting to the environment, you will have a comfortable life in Japan.