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Dr. Shen Vun Chong



New Zealand

Pre-fellowship host institute

Industrial Research Limited, New Zealand

Host institute

University of Tsukuba

Host researcher

Prof. Kazuo Kadowaki

Fellowship period

2007/07/04 - 2009/07/03

Research field

Interdisciplinary and Frontier Sciences


Research title

Magnetism of cobalt-doped titanium dioxide nanobelts and the exploration of layered superconductors from graphite to the newly discovered iron-based superconductors.


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Japan is renowned for her World Class physical sciences research which is again reaffirmed by the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to Japanese scientists this year (2008) in both Physics and Chemistry. While I have experienced in carrying out research activities in English speaking countries, I was curious on how non-English based Asian countries are thriving and able to compete in equal par say with their North American counterparts. With these in mind and the wonderful financial assistance from JSPS, I decided to conduct my research in Japan.

Research achievements

I am fortunately enough to be working along with researchers who are experts in the field of magnetism and superconductivity at University of Tsukuba. My knowledge in these fields prior to arriving in Japan is based only on what was learned in the classrooms. It has been a wonderful experience to be able to carry out research on nano-magnetic materials and the opportunity to work with the new class of iron-based superconductors, which was discovered in Japan in early 2008.
To date, I have managed to publish five scientific publications from the research carried out in Japan alone and presented my work in several international conferences in Japan, North America, and in Europe. Furthermore, I am also able to build new collaborative research activities with researchers in Japan and abroad mainly through the various people that I have met while in Japan.

Advice to new fellows

This is a land of great opportunity to carry out great research and to build new relationships with the people around you if you are willing to put in the effort. Enjoy yourself and may you have a wonderful experience in Japan.