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Dr. Paras Bhalla




Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Hanover

Host institute

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Host researcher

Prof. Eiichi TAKAHASHI

Fellowship period

2005/10/16 - 2007/10/15

Research field

Mathematical and Physical Sciences


Research title

Experimental Study on Redox Reactions that Controlled Early Atmosphere


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

The research activities in the field of Earth Sciences (especially in the High Pressure Geophysical Science) have always fascinated me and thus motivated me to chose Japan as one of my favorite country for my future research. It is well known that Japan has an edge over rest the world when it comes to the intensive research in the field of technology and of course, culture in Japan has found its roots thousand of years back, therefore, to explore the ideas and richness of Japanese tradition were among my motives to prefer Japan as an ideal place to conduct world-class research as a post-doctoral fellow.

Research achievements

In my research work, mineralogical features responsible for various geochemical processes and in controlling the possible distribution of partial melts in the asthenosphere have been investigated. In order to examine the chemical behavior of the hydrous complex system, different phases were investigated to understand the onset of certain phases which tend to stable at high temperatures. Our study shows that potassium tends to disappear in specific fields in the partial melt present at the boundaries of mineral grains. The planned research is aimed to understand the geophysical and geochemical parameters of the upper mantle where (partial) melting takes place.

Advice to new fellows

I suggest to all to feel the multi-impact of Japan viz., high level research atmosphere, beautiful nature, rich culture and tradition, interesting language and delicious Japanese cuisines.