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December 2 ~ December 4, 2016



Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center in Irvine, California, USA



セッショントピックスSession Topics:


Manipulating the genetic code

Good Sleep: Relief from Sleep Disorders

Environmental Archaeology/ Paleoclimate

Advanced Manufacturing / 3D printing

New Directions in Mathematical Epidemiology

Deep Brain Stimulation and Neuromodulation of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Computational Cosmology: Observation and Theory

Decision-Making: A Behavioral Economics and Neuroscience Perspective


セッショントピックスProgram (PDF)
セッショントピックスAbstract & Glossary (PDF)
セッショントピックスReport on the 15th JAFoS Symposium by PGM Co-Chair Prof. Kobayashi (PDF)
セッショントピックスQuestionnaire Results (PDF)


List of Participants:

   PGM: Planning Group Member
Manipulating the genetic code (Biology/Life Science)
PGM Kazuhiro MAESHIMA National Institute of Genetics
PGM Arash BASHIRULLAH University of Wisconsin
Introductory Speaker Blake WIEDENHEFT Montana State University
Speaker Moritoshi SATO The University of Tokyo
Speaker Stanley QI Stanford University
Good Sleep: Relief from Sleep Disorders (Chemistry/Biochemistry)
PGM Miya ISHIHARA National Defense Medical College
PGM Jacob HOOKER Harvard University
Introductory Speaker Akihiro YAMANAKA Nagoya University
Speaker Yu HAYASHI University of Tsukuba 
Speaker Cathy GOLDSTEIN University of Michigan
Environmental Archaeology/ Paleoclimate (Earth Science/Environment)
PGM Chika MINEJIMA International Christian University
PGM Jennifer BURNEY University of California, San Diego 
Introductory Speaker Hiroo NASU The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Speaker Ikuko KITABA Ritsumeikan University
Speaker Christopher ROOS Southern Methodist University
Advanced Manufacturing / 3D printing (Materials Sciences/Biomaterials)
PGM Shinya YOSHIOKA Tokyo University of Science
PGM LaShanda KORLEY Case Western Reserve University
Introductory Speaker Sean MURPHY Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Speaker Jin GONG (Absent) Yamagata University
Speaker Michael MCALPINE University of Minnesota
New Directions in Mathematical Epidemiology (Mathematics/Applied Mathematics/Informatics)
PGM Junichi  YAMAGISHI InformaticsNational Institute of Informatics 
PGM Thomas HULL Western New England University 
Introductory Speaker Dylan SHEPARDSON Mount Holyoke College
Speaker Hiroshi NISHIURA Hokkaido University
Speaker Chaitra GOPALAPPA University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Deep Brain Stimulation and Neuromodulation of Neurodegenerative Disorders (Medical/Neuroscience)
PGM Masaru ISHII Osaka University 
PGM Shelly FLAGEL University of Michigan
Introductory Speaker Masashi HAMADA the University of Tokyo
Speaker Yukio NISHIMURA Kyoto University
Speaker Daniel LEVENTHAL University of Michigan
Computational Cosmology: Observation and Theory (Physics/ Astrophysics/ Astronomy)
PGM(Co-chair) Kensuke KOBAYASHI Osaka University
PGM(Co-chair) Emilia MOROSAN(Absent) Rice University
Introductory Speaker Masayuki AKIYAMA Tohoku University
Speaker Tomoaki ISHIYAMA Chiba University
Speaker Mustafa AMIN Rice University
Decision-Making: A Behavioral Economics and Neuroscience Perspective (Social Sciences)
PGM Hisaki KONO Kyoto University
PGM Marshall BURKE(Absent) Stanford University
Introductory Speaker Sam MCCLURE Arizona State University
Speaker Katsunori YAMADA Kindai University
Speaker Michael FRANK Brown University

General Participants (Japan)
General Participant  Katsuyuki SHIROGUCHI RIKEN
General Participant  Tomomi TSUBOUCHI National Institute for Basic Biology
General Participant  Tomoko YOSHINO Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
General Participant  Mikako OGAWA Hokkaido University
General Participant  Tsuyoshi HIROTA Nagoya University
General Participant  Tomoko SHIRAI National Institute for Environmental Studies
General Participant  Tatsuki TSUJIMORI Tohoku University
General Participant  Kiyohiko IGARASHI The University of Tokyo
General Participant  Takayuki KUROKAWA Hokkaido University
General Participant  Shinya TSUKADA Shimane University
General Participant  Shinjiro UMEZU Waseda University
General Participant  Masaya SAITO The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
General Participant  Yasuko MATSUBARA Kumamoto University
General Participant  Masato KOIKE Juntendo University
General Participant  Kazuyo MORO RIKEN
General Participant  Keiko TAKASE NTT Basic Research Laboratories
General Participant  Haruka TANJI-SUZUKI (Absent) The University of Electro-Communications
General Participant  Kohei KAWAGUCHI Hitotsubashi University
General Participant  Keiichi KUBO Waseda University
General Participant  Hiroaki MATSUURA Shoin University
General Participants (USA)
General Participant Nicholas BALL Pomona College
General Participant Sarah COWIE University of Nevada, Reno
General Participant Alicia IZQUIERDO  University of California, Los Angeles
General Participant Neel JOSHI  Harvard University
General Participant Tara LOVESTEAD National Institute of Standards and Technology
General Participant Elizabeth MARGULIS  University of Arkansas
General Participant Juan MORENO-CRUZ Georgia Institute of Technology
General Participant Parag PATIL  University of Michigan 
General Participant Khalid SALAITA  Emory University
General Participant Andrea TAO University of California, San Diego