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Invitation Fellowship Programs for Research in Japan

Hosts should follow the accompanying Japanese Application Guidelines when making applications.

March 2007

JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan (Short Term)


    The JSPS Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan (Short Term) is offered to promote international scientific cooperation and exchange. It allows researchers employed at designated Japanese research institutions and laboratories to invite fellow researchers from other countries to Japan for short periods of time to participate in discussions, attend seminars, give lectures, or perform similar duties at their institutions.
    Applications for this program must be submitted to JSPS by a host researcher in Japan through the head of his/her university or institution.


    All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are included under this program.


    To be eligible, Japanese researchers (applicants) must be affiliated with an institution of the types listed in Table I. Fellows must conduct their research at the host's affiliated institution.

    The candidate must be a researcher with an excellent record of research achievements who, in principle, is employed full-time at an overseas research institution, and meets the following requirements:
    1) Senior scientists, university professors, and other persons with substantial professional experience
    2) Citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan
    3) To be eligible, researchers of Japanese nationality must have lived abroad and been activity engaged in research for over 10 years.

    For the 1st Recruitment: Approximately 150 Fellowships will be granted.
    For the 2nd Recruitment: Approximately 70 Fellowships will be granted.

    1) Fellowships are awarded for a period of 14 to 60 days.
    2) Successful candidates must start the Fellowship in Japan during the following periods:
    For the 1st Recruitment: April 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009
    For the 2nd Recruitment: October 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009

    The amounts of the Awards indicated below are subject to change.
    • For fellows
      1) A round-trip air ticket
      2) A daily maintenance allowance of ¥18,000
      3) Domestic research travel allowance of ¥150,000
      4) Overseas travel accident and sickness insurance coverage
    • For hosts:
      Host's cooperation allowance of ¥50,000

    From the FY2008 recruitment, prospective hosts will be required to use JSPS's electronic application system to apply for fellowships.
    Applications for this program must be submitted to JSPS by a host researcher in Japan through the head of his/her university or institution. Foreign researchers wishing to participate in this program are advised to establish contact with a Japanese or foreign-resident researcher in their field and to ask him/her to submit an application. They should make this contact well in advance of the host institution's application deadline indicated below.

    Application process is as follows:
    1) Contact made between prospective fellow and host
    2) Host submits application to institution's head office
    3) Office submits application to JSPS
    *JSPS does not find or introduce host researchers.
    *JSPS does not accept applications submitted directly by foreign researchers or through diplomatic channels.
    *There is another application channel: JSPS also receives applications for the program through its overseas nominating authorities (Table II). Regarding this procedure, please contact the nominating authority in your country.

    1. Materials to be prepared by a host researcher
      1 Materials to be prepared by a host researcher
      Application form to be filled in by the host researcher
      2 Materials to be prepared by the administrative office of the host institution
      i) Form A (indicating the number of applications)
      ii) Form B (list of applications)
    3. Application deadline (for host institution):
      1 1st Recruitment: September 7, 2007
      2 2nd Recruitment: May 9, 2008
      Note (1):  Application guidelines will be distributed only once this fiscal year.
      Note (2):  These deadlines are for the head of the host institution to submit the application to JSPS; the time frames for host researchers to submit their applications are normally earlier.

    (1) Selection process
    1 Screening is conducted by JSPS's selection committee based on the five criteria listed below.
    i) That the collaboration will contribute to advancing science in Japan and counterpart country.
    ii) That the collaboration can be expected to advance research in the subject field.
    iii) That the applicant (host researcher) and candidate have established contact in advance and created a concrete activity plan.
    iv) That the plan has as its objective lectures, discussions or other exchange activities with not only the host institution but also through visits to other institutions as well. That the plan also provides for fostering young researchers through exchanges and other activities.
    v) That, as much as possible, preference is not given to the candidate's nationality, host institution, or field of specialization.
    (2) Notification of selection results
    1 Notification of the selection results will be made in writing through the head of the applying institution in the following periods:
    First recruitment: end of December 2007
    Second recruitment: middle of August 2008
    2 Acceptance documents will be sent to the successful candidates (overseas researchers).
    3 Individual requests for selection results are not accepted.
    1) The host researcher will, in cooperation with the administration of the host institution, prepare a space and arrange facilities needed for the fellow to conduct research activities during his/her tenure. When needed, the host will also assist with immigration processing, securing domicile and other matters related to the fellow's stay in Japan.
    2) The fellow and his/her host researcher must submit a research report (using the prescribed forms) within one month of the completion of the fellowship tenure.
    3) When presenting or publishing the content or results of research conducted under the fellowship, the JSPS fellowship should be acknowledged.
    4) Fellows are expected to devote themselves full time to their research during the term of the fellowship, and may not accept employment in Japan with or without remuneration.

    With regard to personal information contained in application materials, it shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the Law to Protect Personal Information Held by Independent Administration Institutions. When using personal information in implementing the JSPS Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan, including the provision of such information to private companies commissioned to conduct data processing and management, JSPS shall observe these laws and regulations.
    If selected for a fellowship, fellows should note that their name, research theme, host institution, name and title of their host researcher, and their research reports will be given public access. Fellows will also be asked to participate in surveys aimed at improving the fellowship program.

  12. NOTES
    1) Application for this program is limited to one for each recruitment.
    2) As only one application is allowed per candidate, prospective hosts should verify in advance that no other applications have been submitted for the candidate.
    3) The same person may not simultaneously be a candidate for both this invitational fellowship and a JSPS Postdoctral Fellowship Program for Foreign Researchers.
    4) Incomplete or otherwise flawed applications will be rejected.
    5) For more application-related details, please see "Points to Observe in Preparing the Application Form." (Japanese only)
    ADDRESS: Overseas Fellowship Division,
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