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(Pathway to University Positions in Japan)
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This program was established to assist promising and highly qualified young foreign researchers wishing to conduct research in Japan. It is aimed at providing opportunities for such researchers to, under the guidance of their hosts, conduct cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions, thereby permitting them to advance their own research while stimulating Japanese academic circles, particularly young Japanese researchers, through close collaboration in scientific activities. Such collaboration is also intended to advance scientific research in the counterpart countries. (Fellowships are awarded for a period of 12 to 24 months.) Two application channels are provided.

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(1) Application through Open Recruitment in Japan (Application by a Japanese host researcher)

(2) Application through an Overseas Nominating Authority

This fellowship program was launched to provide special short-term quotas for North America and European researchers to experience firsthand the research and living environment in Japan.

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This program is offered as a phase for preparing overseas researchers to become full-time researchers at Japanese universities and other research institutions. That is, the program is designed to lead to the full-time employment of overseas researchers who will play an active role in advancing the institutions’ international collaborative research and promoting their internationalization through such means as fostering globally oriented talent.

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  • Application Guidelines(FY2014)
  • Application Form (FY2014)
  • Points to Keep in Mind When Preparing an Application Form(FY2014) PDF
  • FAQ for Candidates (FY2014) PDF