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JSPS Core-to-Core Program

Projects Completed

Integrated Action Initiatives

The projects with the mark[*] in the "Project No." colum are elevated to the "Strategic Research Networks."

List of adopted projects in FY2011

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Project
23001* Development of
International network for
Sustainability Science
Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science,
The University of Tokyo
Prof. Akimasa Sumi Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Prof. Peter Edwards 2011.4.1

Sweden Chalmers University of Technology Prof. Gregory Morrison
USA Arizona State University Prof. James Buizer
Italy University of Rome Prof. Vincenzo Naso
23002* International research network for non-equilibrium dynamics of soft matter Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University Prof. Takao Ohta Germany  Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf Prof. Hartmut Loewen 2011.4.1

France Atomic Energy Commission Senior Scientist Hugues Chate
23003* Forming research and educational hubs of medical physics Graduate School of Medicine,
Osaka University
Prof. Teruki Teshima
Prof. Nariaki Matsuura
USA Indiana University Prof. Indra Das 2011.4.1

Netherlands University of Groningen Prof. Sytze Brandenburg
23004 Nano Carbon Terahertz Science Institute of Laser Engineering,
Osaka University
Prof. Masayoshi Tonouchi USA Rice University Prof. Junichiro Kono 2011.4.1

Germany Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf Prof. Manfred Helm

List of adopted projects in FY2010

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Project
22001* Center for Magnetic Self-Organization in Laboratory and
Astrophysical Plasmas
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo Prof. Yasushi Ono USA Princeton University Principal Research Physicist Ji Hantao 2010.4.1~2012.3.31
Italy  University of Padova Prof. Martin Piero
UK Culham Science Center Principal Research Physicist Gryaznevich Mikhail
22002* Cooperative
international framework in TGF-beta family
Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo Prof. Kohei Miyazono Sweden  Uppsala Universtiy Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin 2010.4.1~2012.3.31
Netherlands Leiden University Prof. Peter ten Dijke
22003* Photoionisation-induced
switch in aromatic
molecule-solvent recognition
Chemical Resources Laboratory,
Tokyo Institute of Technonolgy
Prof. Masaaki  Fujii UK The University of Manchester Prof. Klaus Muller-Dethlefs 2010.4.1~2012.3.31
Germany Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) Prof. Otto Dopfer
22004 Collaboration for Chemical Biology and Proteonomics Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto Universtiy Prof. Shunichi Takeda USA National Institute of Health Chairman Yves Pommier 2010.4.1~2012.3.31
Switzerland University of Zurich Prof. Josef Jiricny

List of adopted projects in FY2009

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Project
21001* Collaborative Research
Center on Ultrahigh-speed
Optical Communication
Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University Prof. Masataka Nakazawa Germany Heinrich Hertz Institute Dr. Colja Schubert 2009.4.1

UK University of Southampton Prof. David Richardson
Denmark Technical University of Denmark Prof. Palle Jeppesen
21002* Establishing an International
Collaboration Platform for
Strangeness Nuclear Physics
by Electron Beams
School of Science, Tohoku University Prof. Osamu Hashimoto
Prof. Hirokazu Tamura
USA Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Prof. Liguang Tang 2009.4.1

Italy INFN Rome Prof. Franco Garibaldi
Germany Mainz University Prof. Josef Pochodzalla
21003* Construction of Cardiac
Tissue Using Integrated
Gene, Cell, and Tissue
Engineering Technology and
Its Application for the
Treatment of Cardiac Failure
Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Prof. Yoshiki Sawa Finland University of Helsinki Prof. Ari Harjula 2009.4.1

Germany Hannover Medical School Prof. Axel Haverich
21004* Research for Neuropathic
Pain Mechanism Targeting
Glia-Neuron Interaction to
Develop New Drugs
Kyushu University
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Prof. Kazuhide Inoue USA Harvard Medical School Assoc.Prof. Ru-Rong Ji 2009.4.1

Canada University of Toronto

List of adopted projects in FY2008

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Project
20001 Establishment of International Research
Consortium for Advanced Biomedical
Engineering in Interface Flow Dynamics for
Blood Flows, Blood Vessels, and Biomaterials
Tohoku University
(Institute of Fluid Science)
Assoc. Prof. Makoto Ohta Switzerland University of Geneva Prof. Daniel Ruefenacht 2008.4.1

France Ecole Centrale de Lyon Prof. Philippe Kapsa
Australia The University of Sydney Prof. Masud Behnia
USA Syracuse University Prof. Hiroshi Higuchi
20002* International core research center for
micro/nano chemistry
University of Tokyo
(School of Engineering)
Prof. Takehiko Kitamori Sweden Uppsala University Prof. Ulf Landegren 2008.4.1

Australia University of South Australia Prof, John Ralston
20003* Electronics and Photonics Convergence
by Si Photonics
University of Tokyo
(School of Engineering)
Prof. Kazumi Wada USA Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Prof. Lionel Kimering 2008.4.1

Belugium Ghent University Prof. Y. Baets
20004* Studies on ecological interaction
networks that promote
biodiversity—From gene to ecosystem—
Kyoto University
(Center for Ecological Research)
Prof. Junji Takabayashi Germany Max Plank Institute of Chemical Ecology Prof. Wilhelm Boland 2008.4.1

Canada The University of Western Ontario Prof. Jeremy McNeil
Netherlands University of Amsterdam Prof. Maurice Sabelis
USA University of Minnesota, Duluth Prof. Timothy Craig

List of adopted projects in FY2007

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Projects
19001* International Research Network for Dark Energy University of Tokyo
(Graduate School of Science)
Prof. Yasushi Suto UK University of Edinburgh Prof. John. Peacock 2007.4.1

USA California Institute for Technology Prof. Richard. Ellis
19002 Electronic Structures and
Electronic Processes in Films and
Interfaces Related to Organic
Nagoya University
(Graduate School of Science)
Assoc Prof. Yukio Ouchi USA Princeton University Prof. Antoine. Kahn 2007.4.1

Germany University of Wuerzburg Prof. Friedrich. Reinert
Sweden Linkoeping Universit Prof. William. Salaneck
19003* High Energy Density Science Osaka University Prof. Ryosuke Kodama UK Rutherford Appleton Laborator Prof. Peter. Norreys 2007.4.1

France Ecole Polytechnique Dr. Michel. Koenig
USA University of California Berkeley Prof. Jonathan. Wurtele
19004* Center for Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging of In Vivo Redox System Kyushu University
(Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Prof. Hideo Utsumi USA Ohio State University Dr. Periannan. Kuppusamy 2007.4.1

UK University of Aberdeen Prof. David. Lurie

List of adopted projects in FY2006

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Projects
18001 Center for Research on
Knowledge Media
Technologies for theAdvanced
Utilization and Distribution of
Knowledge Resources
Hokkaido University Prof. Yuzuru Tanaka France University of Paris 11 Prof. Spyratos Nicolas 2006.4.1

Germany HTWK Leipzig Dr. Jantke Klaus-Peter
EU ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) Dr. Le Dantec Bruno
Canada University of Calgary Prof. Waters Nigel
18002* International Research
Network for Exotic Femto
The University of Tokyo Prof. Takaharu Otsuka USA Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dr. Nazarewicz Witold 2006.4.1

Germany Gesellshaft fuer Schwerionenforshung (GSI) Dr. Langanke Karlheinz
France Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds (GANIL) Dr. Gales Sydney
Finland Univesity of Jyvaskyla Prof. Julin Rauno
Italy University of Padova Prof. Signorini Cosimo
18003 Multifunctional Molecular Materials and Device Applications Tokyo Institute of Technology Prof. Toshiaki Enoki France University of Rennes I Dr. Ouahab Lahcene 2006.4.1

18004* Advanced Particle Handling Science Kyoto University Prof. Ko Higashitani USA University of Florida Prof. Moudgil Brij 2006.4.1

UK University of Leeds Prof. Biggs Simon
Australia The University of Melbourne Prof. Stevens Geoff
18005* New developments of Arithmetic Geometry, Motive, Galois Theory,and their practical applications Hiroshima University Prof. Makoto Matsumoto USA Duke University Prof. Hain Richard 2006.4.1

Italy University of Padova Prof. Chiarellotto Bruno
France University of Paris 11 Orsay Prof. Jean-Marc Fontaine
18006* Collaboration of Research Centers for Stem Cell Biology and Regeneration Medicine Keio University Prof. Toshio Suda Sweden Lund University Prof. Jacobsen Sten 2006.4.1


List of adopted projects in FY2005

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Projects
17001 Upscaling the evaluation
for the symptom of enviromental
changes in permafrost area
in Siberia Taiga
Hokkaido University
(Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere)
Prof. Kaichiro Sasa Germany Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Dr. Guggenberger 2005.4.1

17002 Development of Environmentally Sound Active Metal Process The University of Tokyo
(Institute of Industrial Science)
Assoc. Prof.
Toru Okabe
USA Massachusetts Institute of Technology Prof. Donald Sadoway 2005.4.1

UK University of Cambridge Prof. D. J. Fray
17003 International Promotion of Researches in Lepton Flavor Physics by Using World's Most Intense DC Muon Bearm The University of Tokyo
(International Center for Elementary Particle Physics)
Toshinori Mori
Italy University of Pisa Prof. Carlo Bemporad 2005.4.1

Switzerland Paul Scherrer Institute Prof. Ralph Eichler
17004* Center for advanced research on the interstellar medium in sub-mm waves and gamma rays Nagoya University
(Graduate School of Science)
Yasuo Fukui
USA Stanford University Prof. Tsuneyoshi Kamae 2005.4.1

Germany University of Cologne Prof. Juergen Stutzki
17005* uman disease-related functional glycomics initiative Osaka University
(Graduate School of Medicine)
Naoyuki Taniguchi
USA The Scripps Research Institute Prof. James Paulson 2005.4.1

Germany German Cancer Research Center Prof. Wilhelm von der Lieth
17006 Computational Nano-Materials Design Osaka University
(The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Hiroshi Yoshida
France CNRS/Thales Prof. Frederic Petroff 2005.4.1

Germany Juelich Research Center Prof. Peter Dederichs
UK Daresbury Laboratory Prof. Walter Temmerman
17007 Innovative Synthesis of Novel Main-Group Compounds and its Application Hiroshima University
(Graduate School of Science)
Yosuke Yamamoto
USA The University of Alabama Prof. Anthony Arduengo, I I I 2005.4.1

Germany Free University of Berlin Prof. Konrad Seppelt
17008 International Exchange Program toward the
Establishment of Research Centers for Advanced
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Achieving the Translation Study
Tokyo Women's Medical University
(Institute of Advancd Biomedical Engineering)
Teruo Okano
USA Harvard Medical School,Brigham&Women's Hospital Prof. Charles Vacanti 2005.4.1

17009 New Approach to Protein Structure and Dynamics from Pressure-Axis Experiments Kinki University
(School of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology)
Kazuyuki Akasaka
USA Los Alamos National Laboratory Dr. Hans Frauenfelder 2005.4.1

France Institut National pour la Sante et la recherche Medicale (INSERM) Dr. Catherine Royer
Germany University of Regensburg Prof. Hans-Robert Kalbitzer

List of adopted projects in FY2004

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Projects
16001 International Research Network for Computational Particle Physics University of Tsukuba
(Center for Computational Physics)
Akira Ukawa
USA Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Dr. Paul Mackenzie 2004.4.1

UK University of Edinburgh Prof. Richard Kenway
Germany Deutches Electronen Synchrotron Dr. Karl Jansen
16002* Ultrafast Intense Laser Science University of Tokyo
(Graduate School of Science)
Kaoru Yamanouchi
Canada Laval University Prof. See Leang Chin 2004.4.1

France French Atomic Energy Commission,Saclay Dr. Didier Normand
Germany Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena Dr. Roland Sauerbrey
Italy Palermo University Prof. Gaetano Ferrante
UK University of Strathclyde Prof. Kenneth Ledingham
USA University of Michigan Prof. Gerard Mourou
16003* Advanced molecular Pathophysiology of Bone and Cartilage Diseases Tokyo Medical and Dental University
(Medical Research Institute)
Masaki Noda
USA Harvard University Prof. Henry Morris Kronenberg 2004.4.1

Canada University of Toronto Prof. Jane E. Aubin
Austria Institute of Molecular Pathology Prof. Erwin Wagner
16004 "Development Assistance and Law" in the 21st Century Nagoya University
(The Center for Asian Legal Exchange)
Masanori Aikyo
USA The University of Wisconsin Prof. Charles R. Irish 2004.4.1

Cornell University Dr. Thomas R. Bruce
Sweden Lund University Prof. Christian Hathen
16005 Molecular Mechanism of the thymus organogenesis The University of Tokushima
(Institute for Genome Research)
Yousuke Takahama
Switzerland Basel University Prof. Georg Andreas Hollander 2004.4.1

Netherlands Leiden University Prof. Willem van Ewijk
Australia Monash University Assoc. Prof. Richard L. Boyd
USA University of Miami Prof. Howard T. Petrie
UK University of Birmingham Reader Graham Anderson
16006* stablishment of Japanese Virtual
Observatory in relation with International
Virtual Observatory by utilizing state-of-
the-art information technology
National Institute of Natural Sciences
(National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Assoc. Prof.
Masatoshi Oishi
Germany European Southern Observatory Dr. Peter Joseph Quinn 2004.4.1

UK University of Cambridge Dr. Nicholas Andrew Walton
USA Space Telescope Science Institute Dr. Robert James Hanisch
16007 International collaboration on combinatorial material exploration and its application to informatics National Institute for Materials Science
(Nano Material Laboratories)
Toyohiro Chikyo
USA University of Washington Prof. Fumio Ohuchi 2004.4.1

Germany Max Planck Institute of Metals Research Dr. Thomas Wagner

List of adopted projects in FY2003

Research ThemeCore Institute in JapanCo-Chair (Japan)CountryPartner Research InstitutesCo-Chair (Partner)Term of Projects
15001* Primate origins of human evolution Kyoto University
(Primate Research Institute)
Tetsuro Matsuzawa
Germany Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Prof. Michael Tomasello 2004.2.1

USA Harvard University Prof. Richard Wrangham
15002* Nano-Science and Engineering in Superconductivity University of Tsukuba
(Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences)
Kazuo Kadowaki
EU Katholieke Universteit Leuven Prof. Victor V. Moshchalkov 2004.2.1

USA Argonne National Laboratory Dr. Wai Kwang Kwok
15003 Molecular Analysis of cellular response
to ionizing radiation for forthcoming
radiotherapy of cancer patients
Kyoto University
(Radiation Biology Center)
Kenshi Komatsu
USA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Dr. Larry H. Thompson 2004.2.1

UK University of Cambridge Prof. Ashok R. Venkitaraman
Germany Germany Science Foundation,Institute of Molecular Radiobiology Dr. Jean-Marie Buerstedde
Netherlands Eraumus Medical center Dr. Dik van Gent
Italy Institute of Nazionale Tumori Prof. Domenico Delia
Australia Queens Institute of Medical Science Prof. Martin Lavin
15004 Promotion of functional genomics with Xenopus laevis/tropicalis National Institutes of Natural Sciences
(National Institute for Basic Biology)
Naoto Ueno
USA University of California. Irvine (NIH R01HD29507) Prof. Ken W.-Y. Cho 2004.2.1

Canada University of Calgary (NIH R01HD045776-01A1) Assoc. Prof. Peter D. Vize
UK The Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Institute Dr. Enrique Amaya
15005 Development of Advanced Muon and Positron Beam High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
(Institute of Materials Structure Science)
Prof. Kanetada Nagamine USA University of California at Riverside (NSF 409006) Prof. Allen Paine Mills 2004.2.1