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International Program Department
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B. Asia-Africa Science Platforms

Core-to-Core Program

List of Adopted Projects

A. Advanced Research Networks

List of FY2017 Projects

(Apr.2017 - Mar.2022)
No. Program Title Core Institute, (Coordinator) (Japan) Partner Countries Core Institute (Partner) Coordinator (Partner)
1 Academic Consortium for Creating the Value of Religious Cultural Heritage through Text Studies Nagoya University,
ABE Yasurou,
USA Colombia University HARUO Shirane
France College de France JEAN Robert Noel
Germany Free University of Berlin JOCHEM Kahl
2 International network to explore novel superconductivity at advanced oxide superconductor/magnet interfaces and in nanodevices Graduate Schoold of Science, Kyoto University,
MAENO Yoshiteru,
UK University of Cambridge ROBINSON Jason
Korea IBS Center for Correlated Electron Systems
NOH Tae-Won
Italy National Research Council (CNR) SPIN Institute VECCHIONE Antonio
3 Solid Oxide Interfaces for Faster Ion Transport (SOIFIT) Kyushu University,
MATSUMOTO Hiroshige,
UK Imperial College London KILNER Anthony John
Switzerland Paul Scherrer Institut LIPPERT Thomas
USA Massachusetts Institute of Technology YILDIZ Bilge
4 International Network of Multi-modal Medical Engineering for Precision Medicine Chiba University,
Finland University of Eastern Finland HAUTA-KASARI Markku
Thailand Thammasat University MAKHANOV S. Stanislav
China Shanghai Jiao Tong University LIANG Fuyou
Canada University of Waterloo YU C.H. Alfred
5 International Core of Excellence for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation focusing on Large Animal Studies Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University,
Brazil National Institute for Amazonian Research DA SILVA M. F. Vera
India Indian Institute of Science SUKUMAR R. Raman
Malaysia Universiti Sains Malaysia SHAHRUL Mohd Sah  Anuar
Indonesia Bogor Agricultural University BAMBANG Suryobroto
China Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ZHANG Peng
UK University of Cambridge WILLERSLEV Eske
6 Establishment of international agricultural immunology research-core for a quantum improvement in food safety Graduate School of Agricultural Science,
Tohoku University,
USA Texas A&M University WU Guoyao
China Yangzhou University ZHAO Guoqi
The Netherlands Wageningen University LEEUWEN Johan
Argentina Centro de Referencia para Lactobacilos ALVAREZ Susana
7 International Core Research Center for Phototheranostics The University of Tokyo,
URANO Yasuteru,
Canada University of Toronto ZHENG Gang
USA Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital YANG Yingzi
UK University of Cambridge RON David
Switzerland Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne LASHUEL Hilal
Germany Ludwig-Maximilians University Muenchen WAGNER Ernest
8 Nanobiology of neural plasticity based on optical nanoscopy Graduate School of Brain Science, Doshisha niversity,
SAKABA Takeshi,
Germany Free University Berlin, Neurocure, FMP HAUCKE Volker
France University Paris 5 MARTY Alain
USA University of Maryland BLANPIED Thomas

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List of FY2016 Projects

(Apr.2016 - Mar.2021)
No. Program Title Core Institute, (Coordinator) (Japan) Partner Countries Core Institute (Partner) Coordinator (Partner)
1 Research on the Public Policies on Migration, Multiculturalization and Welfare
for the Regeneration of Communities in European, Asian and Japanese Societies
Kobe University
(Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, SAKAI, Kazunari, Professor)
Germany University of Hildesheim SCHNEIDER Wolfgang
Belgium University of Leuven RAUBE Kolja
Italy University of Naples L'Orientale LANNA Noemi
France University of Paris West Nanterre FERRAGU Gilles
Vietnam Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City NGUEN Houng Thu
Thailand Mahidol University PUNPUING Sureeporn
Taiwan National Chengchi University CHOU Whei-min
Korea Pusan National University IM Yung-ho
2 International Network of Planetary Sciences The University of Tokyo
(Graduate School of Science, SUGITA, Seiji, Professor)
USA The University of Arizona LAURETTA Dante S.
Switzerland PlanetS (University of Bern) BENZ Willy
France Nice Observatory MICHEL Patrick
Germany German Aerospace Center JAUMANN Ralph
3 International X-ray astronomy center for the evolving Universe with new observa
tional technique
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
(TAKAHASHI,Tadayuki, Professor)
USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration PETRE Robert
The Netherlands Netherlands Institute for Space Research DEN HERDER Jan-Willem
France European Space Agency PARMAR Arvind
4 Solid-state chemistry for transition-metal oxides: Exploring for new materials
with novel functionalities
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
(SHIMAKAWA, Yuichi, Professor)
UK University of Edinburgh ATTFIELD J Paul
France University of Montpellier PAULUS Werner
Germany Max-Planck-Institute for solid state research TAKAGI Hidenori
Taiwan National Taiwan Univeristy LIU Ru-Shi
5 Controlled Interfacing of 2D materials for Integrated Device Technology Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems, Tohoku University
(ENDOH, Tetsuo, Professor)
UK University of Cambridge JOHN Robertson
France University of Paris Sud PIERRE Seneor
6 Advanced Nanophotonics in the Emerging Fields of Nano-imaging, Spectroscopy, No
nlinear Optics, Plasmonics/ Metamaterials and Devices
Osaka University
(Graduate School of Engineering, VERMA, Prabhat, Professor)
China Peking University QUIHUANG Gong
Taiwan Academia Sinica TSAI Din Ping
Singapore Nanyang Technological University ZHELUDEV  Nikolay
Philippines University of the Philippines GARCIA Wilson
Korea Seoul National University LEE Byoungho
India Tata Institute of Fundamental Research GOPAL Achanta Venu
Australia Swinburne University of Technology GU Min
UK University of Oxford BOOTH Martin
USA Rice University KONO Junichiro
China The Hong Kong Polytechnic University LEI Dangyuan
7 International collaborative research network for drug discovery and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
(TAKEDA, Shunichi, Professor)
USA National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute POMMIER Yves
Germany The University of Bonn BAJORATH Jurgen
Italy FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology Foundation FOIANI Marco
UK MRC, Laboratory of Molecular Biology SALE Julian
Canada The University of British Columbia KIEFFER Timothy
Switzerland ETH Zurich SCHNEIDER Gisbert
France Institute of Human Genetics, CNRS MASSY Bernard de

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List of FY2015 Projects

(Apr.2015 - Mar.2020)
No. Program Title Core Institute, Coordinator (Japan) Partner Countries Core Institute (Partner) Coordinator (Partner)
1 Creation of a Research Hub for Empirical Analysis on the Evolving Diversity of Corporate Governance: Multidisciplinary Approach Combining Economics, Legal Studies and Political Science Waseda University
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
MIYAJIMA Hideaki, Professor/Director
UK University of Oxford SAKO Mari
France Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales(EHESS) LECHEVALIER Sebastien
Canada The University of British Columbia TIBERGHIEN Yves
2 International Center for Observational Proof of Inflationary Universe The University of Tokyo,
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, TODIAS,
KATAYAMA Nobuhiko, Professor
USA University of California, Berkeley LEE Adrian Tae-Jin
Canada McGill University DOBBS Matt
Chile University of Chile CAMPUSANO Luis
France National Center for Scientific Research DELABROUILLE Jacques
Germany Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics KOMATSU Eiichiro
3 Foundation of a Global Core Research Center for Mathematical Logic and its Application Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
School of Information Science,
ISHIHARA Hajime, Professor
UK University of Leeds SCHUSTER Peter
Sweden Stockholm University PALMGREN Erik
Germany Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen SCHWICHTENBERG Helmut
Italy University of Padova MAIETTI Maria Emilia
4 A Consortium to Exploit Spin Chirality in Advanced Materials Hiroshima University,
Graduate School of Science,
INOUE Katsuya, Professor
UK University of Glasgow STAMPS Robert
Russia Ural Federal University OVCHINNKOV Alexander S.
5 International research center for new-concept spintronics devices Tohoku University,
Research Institute of Electrical Communication,
OHNO Hideo, Professor
UK The University of York O'GRADY Kevin
Germany Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern HILLEBRANDS Burkard
6 Establishing International Research Network of Mathematical Oncology Osaka University,
Graduate School of Engineering Science,
SUZUKI Takashi, Professor
USA Vanderbilt University QUARANTA Vito 
France INRIA Research Center of Bordeaux-Sud Ouest. COLIN Thierry 
UK University of St Andrews CHAPLAIN Mark 
7 International genome study based elucidation of pathology and assembly of treatment strategy of the severe ocular surface disease Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
KINOSHITA Shigeru, Professor
Germany Friedrich Alexander Nurmberg Erlangen University KRUSE Friedrich
UK University of Birmingham RAUZ Saaeha
Brazil Federal University of Sao Paulo GOMES Jose Alvaro Pereira
Thailand Mahidol University LEKHANONT Keavalin
Korea Yonsei University SEO Kyoung Yul
Taiwan Chang Gung University MA Hui-Kang David

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List of FY2014 Projects

(Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2019)
No. Program Title Core Institute, Coordinator (Japan) Partner Countries Core Institute (Partner) Coordinator (Partner)
1 Global History Collaborative Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
HANEDA Masashi, Profssor
USA Princeton University ADELMAN Jeremy
France Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales STANZIANI Alessandro
Germany Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin ECKERT Andreas
2 Comparative Cognitive Science Network for understanding the origins of human mi
Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
MATSUZAWA Tetsuro, Professor
Germany Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthoropology PAABO Svante
UK University of St. Andrews WHITEN Andrew
USA California Institute of Technology ADOLPHS Ralph
3 Foundation of a Global Research Cooperative Center in Mathematics focused on Number Theory and Geometry KEIO UNIVERSITY
Department of Mathematics
KURIHARA Masato, Professor
UK University of Warwick REID Miles
UK King's College London SALAMON Simon
USA Boston University ROSENBERG Steven
Denmark University of Copenhagen NEST Ryzsard
Italy University of Trieste LANDI Giovanni
Belgium Universite catholique de Louvain BIELIAVSKY Pierre
Switzerland ETH Zurich EMBRECHTS Paul
Australia Australian National University CAREY Alan
Germany Universitat Regensburg KINGS Guido
Korea Yonsei University ByungHan KIM
4 Elements Function for Transformative Catalysis and Materials Nagoya University
Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules
YAMAGUCHI Shigehiro, Professor
Germany University of Muenster GLORIUS Frank
Canada Queen's University CRUDDEN Cathleen
5 Nanoscale electron-photon interactions via energy dissipation and fluctuation The University of Tokyo, School of Engineering
TABATA Hitoshi, Professor
Sweden Royal Institute of Technology THYLEN Lars
Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne MARTIN Olivier
France Ecole Centrale de Lyon VILQUIN Beltrand
Germany Ulm University JELEZKO Fedor
The Netherlands University of Twente BLANK Dave
6 Three dimensional development of Lab-exchange Type Biomedical Science Research
Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering,
INOUE Takafumi, Professor
Singapore National University of Singapore SHEETZ Michael
Germany Universitaet Bonn HOCH Michael
Italy Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia MAZZOLAI Barbara
USA University of California, Los Angeles COLWELL Christopher
7 Establishment of an international research core for new bio-research fields wit
h microbes from tropical areas (World-class research hub of tropical microbial
resources and their utilization)
Yamaguchi University
Graduate School of Medicine
YAMADA Mamoru, Profssor
Thailand Kasetsart University THEERAGOOL Gunjana
Vietnam Can Tho University NGO Thi Phuong Dung
Laos National University of Laos BOUNPHANMY Somchanh
Germany Beuth University of Applied Sciences GOETZ Peter
Indonesia Brawijaya University MUHIBUDDIN Anton
8 International research network for virus infections and host responses Institute for Virus Research Kyoto University
TOMONAGA Keizo, professor
UK Imperial college of London BANGHAM Charles
USA University of California Los Angeles ZACK Jerome
Belgium University of Liege WILLEMS Lucas
France University of Strasbourg REICHHART Jean-Marc
Germany University of Freiburg SCHWEMMLE Martin

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List of FY2013 Projects

(Apr.2013 - Mar.2018)
No. Program Title Core Institute, Coordinator (Japan) Partner Countries Core Institute (Partner) Coordinator (Partner)
1 Advanced Core Research Center for History of Human Ecology in the North Hokkaido University Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies,
KATO Hirofumi,Professor
Canada University of Alberta Weber,Andrzej
UK Unviersity of Aberdeen Dobney,Keith
2 Isotope spintronics Keio University
Faculty of Science and Technology,
ITOH Kohei,Professor
Germany Technical University of Munich Brandt,Martin
UK University College London Morton,John
USA Stanford University McIntyre,Paul
Canada Simon Fraser University Thewalt,Mike
Switzerland ETH Degen,Christian
Australia The University of New South Wales Andrew DZURAK
3 Establishment of gravitational wave astronomy The University of Tokyo Institute for Cosmic Ray Research,
KAWAMURA Seiji,Professor
USA Louisiana State University Johnson, Warren
Germany Max Planck Society Lueck,Harald
UK University of Glasgow Rowan,Sheila
The Netherlands NIKHEF van den Brand,Jo
Italy European Gravitational Observatory Punturo,Michele
Australia University of Western Australia Blair,David
S.Korea Korea University Yoon,Tai Hyun
China Beijing Normal University Zhu,Zong-Hong
Shanghai Normal University Zhai,Xiang-Hua
Taiwan National Tsing-Hua University Chao,Shiuh
India Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Dhurandhar,Sanjeev V.
Vietnam Hanoi National University of Education Nguyen ,Quynh Lan
France Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique(CNRS) Gianpietro CAGNOLI
4 International Alliance for Material Science in Extreme States with High Power
Laser and XFEL
Osaka University
Graduate School of Engineering,
KODAMA Ryosuke,Professor
UK University of Oxford WARK,Justin
France Ecole Polytechnique KOENIG,Michel
Germany The Dresden University of Technology COWAN,Thomas
USA Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory FALCONE,Roger
5 Organic Electronics of Highly-Correlated Molecular Systems Nagoya University
Research Center for Materials Science,
AWAGA Kunio,Professor
UK Edinburgh University Robertson,Neil
Canada University of Windsor Rawson,Jeremy
Russia Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry Zibarev,Andrey
6 International research core on smart layered materials and structures for energ
y saving
Tohoku University Institute of Fluid Science,
TAKAGI Toshiyuki,Professor
France INSA de Lyon CAVAILLE,Jean-Yves
Germany Fraunhofer Institute for NDT Boller,Christian
China Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Qiu,Jinhao
Sweden KTH Royal Institute of Technology LUNDELL ,Fredrik
7 International Research Collaboration Network for Developing Highly Functional S
ensing Devices for Health, Safety and Security
Osaka University
Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research,
MATSUMOTO Kazuhiko,Professor
Germany Max Planck BLOM,Paul
Belgium imec De BOECK,Jo
UK University of Oxford CONTERA,Sonia
USA Purdue University JANES,David B.
Norway Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). ZHILIANG,Zhang
France University of Paris-Sud VO-THANH,Giang
8 Center of international research platform for biomedical science and drug disco
very against intractable diseases
Tokyo Medical and Dental University,
TMDU Research Organaization,
KAGECHIKA Hiroyuki,Professor
USA University of Minnesota Wei,Li-Na
France University of Strasbourg Rochette-Egly,Cecile
Italy University of Calabria Cione,Erika