JSPS awards for eminent scientists

Report of the JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists in 2007

  1. Invited eminent scientist (name, title and affiliation, nationality)

    Robin Warren, Nobel Laureate, Emeritus Professor, The University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

  2. Duration of the stay

    April 18. 2007 - April 28. 2007

  3. Hosting environment (accommodation, research institute, status in the host institute)

    1) Aomori Hotel, Aomori city
    The 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Hirosaki University Japanese Society of Gastroenterology

    2) Toyama ANA Hotel, Toyama city,
    Third Department of Internal Medicine., Faculty of Medicine, University of Toyama

    3) Oita ANA Hotel, Oasis Tower
    Department of Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine, Oita University

  4. Schedule during the stay (date, research activities, name of the places to visit, and description of the visits)

    April 18. 2007  Arrival at Narita Airport

    1)Visiting Hirosaki University
    Memorial lectures at the Hirosaki University and Memorial lectures at the Annual Meeing of Japanese Society of Gastroenterology(Aomori City)

    2)Visiting University of Toyama
    Conferment ceremony of honorary doctor at the Gofuku campus (University of Toyama).
    Memorial lectures at the Sugitani campus (University of Toyama).
    The title of his lecture: " -Helicobacter- THE EASE AND DIFFICULTY OF A NEW DISCOVERY"

    3)Visiting Oita University
    Memorial lectures at the Oita University and Memorial lectures at the 1 st Meeing of Asian Helicobacter Study Group(Oita City)

    April 28. 2007  Leave Narita Airport

  5. Description of and results from the invitation

    We are very honored that Prof. Robin Warren visited Hirosaki ,Toyama and Oita University and gave us the memorial lecture "- Helicobacter - THE EASE AND DIFFICULTY OF A NEW DISCOVERY" in each Universities. More than 1000 medical students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and researchers participated in the Nobel Laureate’s Commemorative Lecture, and they were deeply impressed by his wonderful lecture and his honest character. And 15 researchers from 7 countries joint the "Asian Helicobacter Study Group" meeting held in Oita City.

    It was very timely that we got a chance to invitation Prof. R. Warren, because it has been well known that gastric and duodenal ulcers were caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori and many patients with peptic ulcers have been treated by the eradication of this bacteria.

    He gave powerful stimulus and motivation to the audience, especially young researchers and Asian Colleagues from several Asian Countries, and also realized that a great discovery is based on the daily precise observation and an effort, not based on the accident. He also emphasized that it was very difficult to break ready-made concepts and confirm a new concept.

    To understand his lecture easily, we made an effort to prepare his lecture's prints translated to Japanese and a simultaneous interpretation's system for the audience. Moreover, chance of questions from the young researchers was fully set up, and there were several questions from young researchers. These experiences must encourage many researchers and activate scientific mind in our University.

    Prof. Robin Warren intimately communicated the participants at the presidential dinner party after his memorial lecture.

    Young researchers and researchers from Asian countries very much enjoyed themselves in communications with him and were deeply impressed by these special experiences.

    We would like to hearty thank the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for giving us a great chance to invite Prof. Robin Warren and to give us a chance to reconsider the scientific promotion in Japan throughout the 21 century.