Professor Sir John Walker, University of Cambridge, UK, visited the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre, Toyo University, and discussed the research collaboration with the researchers at the Centre. Professor Walker also gave a special talk on Bioscience at the 2nd International Symposium on Bioscience and Nanotechnology, which was held at the Hakusan Campus, Toyo University.

Professor Walker's schedule is summarised below:

13th November 2004:
Professor Walker arrived at Narita Airport by BA005. Professor Maekawa met Professor Walker at Hotel Grand Palace and discussed Professor Walker's schedule in Japan.

14th November 2004:
Professor Walker participated in the 2nd International Symposium on Bioscience and Nanotechnology at the Hakusan Campus, Toyo University, where four researchers of the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre presented their recent progress in bio-nano fusion study. Both graduate and undergraduate students at the Centre also gave poster presentations in the afternoon. We discussed several different topics and also future collaborative bio-nano fusion research actively during the symposium and a party after the symposium.
15th November 2004:
Professor Walker gave a talk entitled "Rotary Machine in Biology" at the Symposium and showed not only his recent progress in molecular rotary machines but also bio-machines in general. It took well over 90 minutes including active discussion.

Professor Walker visited the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre, which is located in Kawagoe, after the Symposium. The Centre researchers and students showed the Centre's facilities and equipment. Professor Walker also visited Kagawa Nutrition University, which is located in Sakado next to Kawagoe. We think that Professor Walker's visit to the University was also really good to encourage the students to get interested in advanced science.
16th November 2004:
Professor Maekawa discussed the future collaboration with Professor Walker at the hotel in the morning. Professor Walker moved to the Nagatsuda Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, to give a seminar on Biology.
17th November 2004:
Professor Maekawa and the Centre researchers discussed the future collaboration focusing on the actual subject and research plan with Professor Walker at the Bio-Nano Electronics Resaerch Centre whole day. There were several interesting proposals in particular on bio-nano fusion research. We also discussed the possibility of research collaboration with University of Sussex, University of Oxford, Université Paris 6 & 7 and University of Montana.

Finally, we discussed Professor Walker's next visit to the Centre, but as Professor Walker is extremely busy, we decided to organise it later by e-mail and telephone.
18th November 2004:
Professor Walker left Narita Airport for Heathrow by BA008.

Note: As we had been informed in advance that Professor Walker would not be able to stay in Japan for a long time this time, Professor Maekawa visited Professor Walker at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge on 7th and 12th October to explain the Centre's research activity and plan, and Professor Walker's talk at the International Symposium.

Note: We filmed Professor Walker's talk, which we will distribute via DVDs and Internet. We really hope the students and young researchers at both the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre and other research institutions will be motivated in their study.

As we mentioned, the Centre researchers and graduate and undergraduate students presented their recent progress in bio-nano fusion research and discussed the result directly with Professor Walker. They are really motivated to continue the advanced, unknown area. We also hope the Professor Walker's lecture, which will be distributed via DVDs and Internet, encouraged and will encourage young researchers to study harder in a good sense.