JSPS awards for eminent scientists

Report of the JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists in 2007

  1. Invited Researcher

    Name: Columbia University·University Professor
    Title & Affiliation: T.D. Lee
    Nationality: United States

  2. Period

    May 29, 2007 – June 5, 2007 (8 days)

  3. Environment

    Lodging Hotel Okura TOKYO
    Office Eminent Foreign Scientist
    Position at the host   None

  4. Schedule

    Year/Month/Day Visiting place/Contents
    May 29 Arrive in Japan
      30 Visit for JSPS
      31 Visit for RIKEN
    June 1-2 Preparation for the Talks
      3 Oral talk at Yukawa Memorial Symposium on the first day of INPC2007
      4 Oral presentation at the Opening Ceremony of INPC2007
      5 Leave from Japan

  5. Invitation and Effects

    During his stay, T.D. Lee made a very interesting talk in 45 minutes to the public on “Symmetry and Asymmetry” in the special session celebrating Yukawa’s centennial birth. This session was organized in International Nuclear Physics Conference, INPC2007, which was held in Tokyo after 30 years from the last one. This session was held on Sunday, June 3, 2007 at the Hall C of Tokyo International Forum with an audience of about 800; there were seven talks including Lee’s together with eminent scientists from over the world, F. Sato, T. Yamazaki, A. Zichichi, A. Arima, Y. Nambu, and J.P. Schiffer. The audience included not only the participants of INPC2007 but also public people; for them, simultaneous interpretation service was prepared. From the questionnairs at the symposium, Lee’s talk was impressed to the public at the top level. His talk seems to be very much interesting to the public on basic interests in Physics and the roles of Yukawa’s work in Nuclear Physics.

    In the opening ceremony of INPC2007 with the presence of their majesties, the Emperor and the Empress, T.D. Lee talked on the close relationship between Japan and the United States in Nuclear and Particle Physics since Yukawa’s visit to the United States. Many young researchers in Japan might be reconsidered in the history of such research cooperation in two countries.

  6. Contributions to the Host Institute

    (Stimulation to Young Researchers, Internationalization of the Host Institutes, etc.)

    The oral talks presented by T.D. Lee during his stay were stimulating to young researchers in Nuclear and Particle Physics. He told them about the basic interests in Physics and the historical trends of Nuclear and Particle Physics in his age. In particular, his new idea on neutrino mass would be interesting for those young people working on the neutrino oscillation in Japan.

    He also talked on various stimulating comments during his stay. He mentioned that the Japanese universities should establish a system to invite donations from public as in the universities in the United States, which will enhance roles of the universities in various ways.

  7. Others