A brief report on the activity in Nagoya University of the JSPS Invitation Award for Eminent Scientist, Prof. Louis J Ignarro

Akihisa Iguchi, Professor,
Toshio Hayashi, Assistant Professor and Lecturer,
Department of Geriatrics, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Nagoya University invited Professor Louis J. Ignarro (Department of Medical and Molecular Pharmacology, UCLA school of medicine, Novel Laureate 1998) 3 times in between February 5th and June 11th 2003 for the JSPS Invitation Award for Eminent Scientists supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The outlines of educative activities, academic exchanges and cooperative researches are as follows.

(1) Educative activities within the university

An educative lecture was held for the graduate students and teaching staffs of the Faculty of Medicine on February 13th. The title was "Role of nitric oxide in cell growth", where Prof. Ignarro introduced his recent research after getting Novel Prize on 1998. More than fifty participants were impressed by his interesting talk about his active and novel research.
It was very much appreciated that he had attended the round table discussion held on Feb.13th, April 21st, May 25th and June 5th. These meetings were held among the laboratory of Department of Geriatrics, and he gave his valuable opinion and advice, especially to graduate students on the progress of their researches and courses of research in the future.

(2) Academic exchanges with other Universities and laboratories

Prof. Ignarro gave many lectures for various kinds of Japanese scientists during his stay in Japan were as follows.
#1 "Physiological Role of the Nitric Oxide Pathway in the Regulation of Cell Growth"
  Special Lecture was given in NO meeting at Nagoya 2003
Chair; Prof. Akihisa Iguchi, Department of Geriatrics, Nagoya University ofGraduate School of Medicine,
Place; Nagoya Grand Court Hotel ANA Date; February 14th.
#2 "Nitric Oxide as a Unique Signaling Molecule in the Cardiovascular System"
  Special Lecture in Academic NO meeting at Hamamatsu
Chair; Arata Ichiyama, Vice President of Hamamatsu Medical University
Place; Hotel Okura Act City in Hamamatsu City Date; February 15th.
#3 "Physiological role of NO in Cardiovascular System"
  Special Lecture was given by him in Kumamoto Medical Bioscience Symposium(May 27-28)
Chair; Prof. Akira Maeda, Department of Microbiology, Kumamoto University School of Medicine, President of NO society JAPAN)
Place; Kumamoto Nikko Hotel, Date: May 27th.
#4 "Physiological role of NO pathway in regulation of cell growth"
  Special Lecture of the 3rd Annual Assembly Nitric Oxide Society of Japan (May 29- 30)
Chair; Prof. Naoyuki Taniguchi, Dept.of Biochemistry, Osaka University,
Graduate School of Medicine, President of Japanese Biochemical Society
Place; Kumamoto Nikko Hotel, Date: May 29th.
#5 "Role of Nitric Oxide as a Signaling Molecule in the Cardiovascular System"
  The 42nd Annual Assembly of Japanese Medical Electronics Society (June 4-6)
Chair; Prof. Akira Kitabatake, Dept. of Cardiology, Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Medicine,
Place; Sapporo convention center, Date; June 4th
#6 "Nitric Oxide as a Unique Signaling Molecule in Vascular Biology"
  Special Lecture of the Academic NO Meeting supported by Hokkaido Medical Association
Chair; Prof. Kiyohiro Houkin, Department of Neurosurgery, Sapporo Medical University
Place; Sapporo Grand Hotel, Date; June 4th

(3) Collaborative researches

The collaborative research titled on "Development of new treatment tool to regress advanced atherosclerosis- The comparison between NO donor targeted to artery and in vivo gene transfer of NO synthase" was conducted with emphasis on the analysis of the effects of endothelial function and signaling molecule. This research is now being conducted by postdoctoral researcher, Packiasamy AR Juleit, Qung Fang Ding and Mitsuo Kodama and graduate students, Masako Oosawa, Asaka Miyazaki, and Akiko Fukatsu and researcher Hisako Matsui-Hirai. Daigo Sumi, postdoctoral fellow in Ignarro lab. who graduated from our department also took part in the program. Based on exciting discussion and accurate protocol suggested by Prof. Ignarro, we submitted a couple of papers and two papers iJournal of Cardiovascular Research and BBRCj are already accepted (at September 11, 2003). Associate Professor, Hiroshi Watanabe, Department of Clinical Pharmacology also did collaborate research with him about "Endothelial myosin kinase". Associate Professor, Yoshito Kumagai, Graduate School of doctoral program in medical sciences, University of Tsukuba also plan to do collaborate research with him The topic is "The relation between NO and arsenic contained in drinking water in china". The novel researches between Professor Ignarro and many Japanese scientists related to NO are expected to widely progress more and more.