Schedule During Stay

Date Destination and Details of Visit (Research Discussions, Lectures, Tours, etc.)
November 2
Arrive in Japan
November 10 - 13 3rd International Society of Proteolysis Meeting (Nagoya); Give lecture on November 12
November 20 Lecture at Osaka Bioscience Institute
November 25 Lecture at Kyoto University
December 4 Lecture at Osaka City University
December 10 -13 Attend 26th Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan (Give lecture on December 10)
December 15 Lecture at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
December 16 Lecture at RIKEN Brain Science Institute
January 3
Leave Japan

Guest Welcome, and Lecture Tour Success

Professor A. Ciechanover was welcomed as per the initial plan for academic year 2003. The purpose of this invitation was to promote international academic exchange and joint research.

(1) International Academic Exchange
Professor Ciechanover enthusiastically attended academic conferences and lecture meetings during his stay. The professor attended and lectured once each at both international and Japanese academic conferences. He also lectured at five research institutes: Osaka City University, Kyoto University, Osaka Bioscience Institute, the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, and RIKEN Brain Science Institute. These lectures were not only significant in deepening the understanding of many Japanese researchers on the physiological and pathological importance of the ubiquitin conjugation system, but also offered an opportunity to exchange a wide range of views with the organizers of the lectures on research and research body management. In addition, Professor Ciechanover also exchanged views with the Director and Director Emeritus of the Osaka Bioscience Institute, the Director of RIKEN Brain Science Institute, and the Vice Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science.

(2) Joint Research
Professor Ciechanover has pursued joint research with his hosts for over five years, and during his stay continued this research, as well as proposing a new joint research project and started the experiments. Great success is hoped for in the future from the joint research between Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Osaka City University. Further, other new joint research projects have been proposed with researchers in several research bodies, including Osaka City University.

Contributions of the Guest Researcher to the Host (To inspire young researchers, and internationalize the host body, etc.)

At Osaka City University, Professor Ciechanover held five interactive classes for postgraduate medical students, from the discovery of the ubiquitin conjugation system to current research status on the system, and its future clinical applications. Also, in addition to giving the graduate students a scrupulous education concerning the necessary factors in performing research such as the focus of the research, the data interpretation, and the planning of the next experiment based on this research, he strove to give them an understanding of the importance of fundamental medical and clinical research. The graduate students were highly impressed, and they want to plan interactive classes for medical students for the next academic year.

Moreover, numerous students, teachers, and researchers participated in the in-school lecture, listening ardently to the clinical applications for the ubiquitin conjugation system, and were greatly inspired by the feeling they developed for the rapid expansion of clinical applications from the fundamental research.

Beginning with the Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine, opinions were exchanged with many of the school's researchers, and in addition to deepening our discussion concerning research, we exchanged views on the differences between the management policies of Israeli universities and the current situations in Japanese universities, and also received valuable suggestions from him regarding the direction that Osaka City University ought to take, including the issue of its transformation into an Independent Administrative Institution.


Professor Ciechanover had grave concerns over the English abilities of the Japanese graduate students, so it is worth mentioning especially his anxiety that it is a major impediment to internationalization.