JSPS awards for eminent scientists

Report on the JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists FY2013

1. Host Researcher

Hirokazu Tatano
Disaster Prevention Research Institute,
Kyoto University

2. Invited eminent scientist (name, title and affiliation, nationality)

Name: HIPEL, Keith William
Title and affiliation: University Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo
Nationality: Canada

3. Duration of the stay

From January 28, 2014 to Mar 31, 2014

4. Schedule during the stay (date, research activities, name of the places to visit, and description of the visits )

2014/Year Month/Day
Visiting place/Contents
January 28 Arrived at Kyoto University
January 29 Courtesy visit to Professor Oshiman (Director of DPRI, Kyoto University), accompanied by Professor Tatano (Host Researcher), and Associate Professor Yokomatsu.
February 4 Leaved Uji city for Yamaguchi City
February 5 – 7 2014 Stay at Ymaguchi University
February 8 Left Yamaguchi City for Kumamoto City
February 9-10 Field Observation for Amakusa City, including Takahama and Sakitsu areas, with Kumamoto University Associate Professor Fujimi and Program-specific Associate Professor Yoshida
February 11 Meeting with Professor Yamada on research and education collaboration between the universities
February 12 Meeting with Professor Kita in the institute for e-Learning Development on research and education collaboration between the universities
February 13 Meeting with Professor Ohtani, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Science and Technology, Professor Kawagoshi, Associate Professor and others on the topic of research and education collaboration
February 14 Research meeting with Program-specific Associate Professor Yoshida on risk and conflict governance
February 15 Keynote Lecture at “2014 International Seminar on Implementation Science for Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme Weather Events” and research discussion with Professor Tsukahara, Kyushu University, Professor Hasenaka, Kumamoto University and other professors in Implementation Research and Education System Center for Reducing Disaster Risk, Kumamoto University
February 16 Leave Kumamoto City for Morioka City by airplane
February 16 Arrived at Tokyo (Haneda) from Kumamoto on plane. After going over the agenda in Iwate and Tokyo with Prof. Inohara, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), moved to Morioka by JR.
February 17 Visited the disaster-stricken area, temporary shopping mall, emergency temporary houses, etc. of Taro Area, Miyako City with Prof. Masaaki Minami (Iwate University). Prof. Norio Okada (Kwansei Gakuin University) accompanied the visit. After returning from Taro Area, attended a party organized by Prof. Minami and his staff and students.
February 18 Delivered a keynote speech (entitled "Competition and Cooperation in Societal and Technological Systems of Systems") at International Seminar on Reconstruction and Urban Designing/Planning hosted by Disaster Prevention Research Center, Organization of Revitalization for Sanriku-region Reconstruction, Iwate University. Participants: 27 JICA trainees from Asian countries, 15 members of Iwate University faculty, 15 Iwate University students, and 5 others. In the afternoon, attended and offered comments at an open meeting lead by Prof. Minami, Prof. Okada (Kwansei Gakuin University,) and JICA members. In the evening, discussed the next day's lecture at Iwate Prefectural University (IPU) with Prof. Hamido Fujita over dinner.
February 19 After a meeting with Prof. Hamido Fujita, Prof. Jun Sasaki, and IPU Vice-President Yoshitaka Shibata, paid a courtesy visit to IPU President Yoshihisa Nakamura. Delivered a speech (entitled "Responsible Governance: A System of Systems Engineering Perspective") at IPU Special Lecture. 81 participants including: 14 IPU faculty members, 8 IPU researchers, and 39 IPU students, 20 from other universities and organizations. After the lecture, had a tour of IPU campus, and attended Fujita Lab seminar and had discussions with staff and students. Attended a special dinner hosted by IPU President Nakamura and Prof. Fujita.
February 20 Moved to Tokyo from Morioka by JR. Delivered a speech (entitled "Responsible Governance in a Complex World: A System of Systems Engineering Design") at Tokyo Tech's IPCOB (International Program on Consensus Building) Seminar. 23 participants including: 13 Tokyo Tech faculty members, researchers and students, and 10 from other universities and organizations.
February 21 Visited Prof. Masahide Horita's lab at University of Tokyo and had a meeting with Prof. Horita, Associate Prof. Maiko Sakamoto, and his graduate students. Attended a luncheon organized by Department of International Studies and interacted with professors, staff, and students of Prof. Horita's lab. Delivered a speech (entitled "Decision Support Systems in Water Resources and Environmental Management") at a research seminar hosted by Department of International Studies, Institute of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo. 40 people attended the seminar, from inside and outside the university. Attended a closing ceremony and reception of JACAC Student Forum at the Canadian Embassy (with Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado attending as a guest of honor). Interacted with university students from Japan and Canada.
February 24 Meeting with Assistant Professor Yoshida of Kumamoto University and Professor Fukuyama of Tottori University on game-theoretic analyses of global risks. Meeting and supper with Professor Okada, Professor Kakimoto, Assistant Professor Fujimi of Kumamoto University on disaster risk.
February 25 Luncheon meeting with Kumamoto University members (including Prof. Okada, Prof. Yamada, Prof. Kakimoto, and Assistant Professor Fujimi) on systematic disaster management and international policies. Courtesy visit to Prof. Takashima, Dean of Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University. Courtesy visit to Prof. Isao Taniguchi, President of Kumamoto University. Dinner with 8 professors of Kumamoto University.
February 26 Moved to Sendai from Tokyo by JR. Arrived in Sendai from Tokyo by Yamabiko 137. In the afternoon, Prof. Keith Hipel visited Shichigahama-Machi of Miyagi-Gun, which was heavily hit by the tsunami in the Great East Japan Earthquake, accompanied by Prof. Dao-Zhi Zeng and a student of Graduate School of Information Sciences (Tohoku University).
February 27 Visited Aobayama Campus of Tohoku University, and discussed with Prof. Zeng on Conflict Resolution research in the morning. Met and had lunch with Professor Takeshi Tokuyama (Vice dean of Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University) and Professor Zeng between 12:30-14:00. Gave a special lecture entitled “Fulfillment and Success in Research” at a seminar hosted by Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, exchanging ideas with professors and students of Tohoku University between 16:00-17:50. Had dinner hosted by the graduate school of information sciences of Tohoku University, with Dean Michitaka Kameyama, Vice Dean Mitsuyuki Nakao, Dean Advisor Satoshi Tadokoro, Dean Advisor Asao Ando, Prof. Tatsuhito Kono, Prof. Dao-Zhi Zeng, discussing academic exchanges in future.
February 28 Had a formal visit to President Susumu Satomi of Tohoku University and Prof. Toshiya Ueki (Trustee---International affairs), accompanied by Dean Michitaka Kameyama and Prof. Dao-Zhi Zeng of Graduate School of Information Sciences between 11:00-12:00. Unfortunately, President Satomi was unable to attend because of a sudden sickness. Prof. Hipel and Prof. Ueki discussed some ideas on possible academic exchanges between Univeristy of Waterloo and Tohoku University in future. In the afternoon, between 14:00-16:00, Prof. Hipel visited Sendai Nikon, to see how Japanese firms recover from the Great East Japan Disaster. After that, Prof. Hipel visited Yuriage district of Natori City, which is known as the most heavily damaged area by the tsunami in the East Japan Earthquake.
March 1  Move from Sendai to Kyoto by ANA736.
March 2-5 Stay at Kyoto University
March 6 Courtesy visit to Professor Kobayashi (Director, Research Center of Business Administration, Kyoto University), accompanied Professor Tatano (Host Researcher).
March 8 Memorial Symposium “Perspectives of Conflict and Risk Governance”was held at Kihada hall, Uji Campus from 13:00. Keynote lecture“Responsible Governance in a Complex World -A System of Systems Engineering Design”was given by Prof. Hipel, followed by three invited lectures by Prof. Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Kyoto University, Prof. Masao Fukushima, Nanzan University and Prof. Dao-Zhi Zeng, Tohoku University. Panel discussion was organized by Prof. Norio Okada, Kwansei Gakuin University, Prof. Kei Fukuyama, Tottori University, Prof. Takehiro Inohara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Prof. Hiroyuki Sakakibara, Yamaguchi University, Prof. Yoko Matsuda, Kwansei Gakuin University. Social events followed. The symposium had 48 audiences.
March 10 Moved to Tottori City from Uji City by JR.
March 11 Meeting with Professor Emeritus Michiue (Former President of Tottori University).
March 12 Meeting with Professor Kawata (Dean of Engineering), Professor Gotoh (Associate Dean of Student Affairs in Engineering) and Professor Matsumi (Associate Dean of General Affairs in Engineering), Professor Fukuyama(Chair of Department of Civil Engineering and Social Systems Management), and discussing about the engineering further collaborations. Meeting with President Teshima of Tottori University. Engineering Dean Kawata, Engineering Associate Deans Gotoh, and Matsumi, Associate Directors of Center for International Affairs of Tottori University, Dr. Ando and Dr. Takeda, Professor Fukuyama (Chair of Civil Engineering and Social Systems Management) also attended. Research presentation on Responsible Governance in a Complex World: A System of Systems Engineering Design hosted by Japan Society of Operations Research Chugoku-Shikoku Division. Discussion with graduate students. Welcome party by Department of Social Systems Management.
March 13 Visit to Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum with Professor Emeritus Noda (Former Vice-President of Tottori University) and Dr. Na of Engineering, and meet with Professor Emeritus Tanabe (Emeritus Director of the museum). Discussed about farmings in Tottori including pears.
March 14 Meeting with Professor Fukuyama (Chair of Civil Engineering and Social Systems Management, and Japanese Coordinator of Tottori Waterloo Exchange Program) on further collaboration and student exchange program. Discussion and supper with Dr. Ando and Dr. Takeda (Associate Directors of Center of International Affairs), Dr. Otachi (Lecturer of Center of International Affairs), and Professor Gotoh (Associate Dean of Engineering). Meeting with President Nose of Tottori University, Trustee Honna of Education and International Affairs, and Vice-President Waka (Director of International Center).
March 15 Moved to Uji from Tottori by JR.
March 16-20 Meeting with Professor Tatano of DPRI, Kyoto University about the further collaboration on research and education.
March 21 Meeting with Professor Takara of DPRI, Kyoto University about the further collaboration on research and education.
March 22 Lecture on Voices from the Field-Japan Earthquake and Tsunam at Toyonaka International Center
March 24 Lucheon Meeting with Professor Nakashima of DPRI, Kyoto University and Professor Tatano (host professor) about the further collaboration between the institutes in details.
March 27 Research discussion with Associate Professor Yokomatsu of DPRI, Kyoto University on conflicts in disaster prevention policies in developing countries.
March 31 Left Japan for Canada.

5. Description of and results from the invitation

Professor Keith W. Hipel provided special lectures at Kyoto University, Yamaguchi University, Kumamoto University, Iwate University, Iwate Prefectural University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Tokyo, Tohoku University and Tottori University during his two months stay in Japan. By these presentations, the latest system of systems approach had been introduced in Japan, especially in the field of environmental issues related to climate change. For example, in the Memorial Symposium “Perspectives of Conflict and Risk Governance” at Kyoto University on March 8, Keynote lecture“Responsible Governance in a Complex World -A System of Systems Engineering Design”was given by Prof. Hipel, which was followed by three invited lectures by the three leading professors in the related area in Japan, and finally the panel discussion. The discussion with participants was so active and intensive that the new researchers’ network is expected to develop in near future. Moreover, the educational seminars and discussions were also provided for young researchers and graduate students on the topics of success in engineering research in many universities including Kyoto University. Prof. Hipel provided courtesy visits to either presidents or deans or directors in all the universities he visited, and discussed about further direction of research, innovation and technologies, and educational and research collaborations. Prof. Hipel, who is the recipient of JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists and also the president of Academy of Science in Royal Society of Canada provided courtesy visits to JSPS and Japan Academy and discussed with presidents of the both top organizations of Japanese academic fields on necessity of research on climate change and also further collaboration between Japan and Canada.

6. Contributions to the Host Institute (e.g. inspiration to young scientists, internationalization of a host institute as a whole, etc.)

The invitee, Prof. Hipel, provided research seminars on a system of systems approach to the issue of tackling climate change and inspired many Japanese researchers. Prof. Hipel also provided guidance to young researchers and graduate students about having a successful career in engineering research. During these talks, promising research topics were also suggested for young researchers in the field of global engineering. Furthermore, designing successful student exchange programs was also discussed at Kyoto University, Tokyo Tech, Kumamoto University, and Tottori University.


Prof. Hipel visited the Science Council of Japan, Japan Academy, and the Canadian Embassy of Japan and discussed the future of academic organizations and their necessary work on global environmental issues as well as further academic and research collaboration between Canada and Japan.