JSPS awards for eminent scientists

Report on the JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists FY2012

  1. Host Researcher

    Name: Hirokazu Tatano
    Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University.

  2. Invited eminent scientist (name, title and affiliation, nationality)

    HIPEL, Keith William
    University Professor, Faculty of Engineering,
    University of Waterloo

  3. Duration of the stay

    From March 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013

  4. 4. Schedule during the stay (date, research activities, name of the places to visit, and description of the visits )

    Year/Month/Day Visiting place/Contents
    March 1 Arrived at Kyoto University
    March 2 Meeting and luncheon with Professor Nakajima (Director of DPRI, Kyoto University), Professor Tatano (Host Researcher), and Associate Professor Yokomatsu.
    March 4 Visited International Exchange Office of Kyoto University. Met with Mr. Mori (Director of Centre for International Exchange Promotion), and Professor Mishima (University Trustee in International Affairs and Hospital). Luncheon with Professor Fukushima (Graduate School of Informatics) and Professor Tatano. Special Seminar at Kihada Hall in DPRI (34 in attendance). Exchange party with professors and students. Left for Kumamoto University with Professor Okada of Kumamoto University (Former Director of DPRI, Kyoto University)
    March 5 Keynote speech at International Opening Seminar of Implementation Research and Education System Centre for Reducing Risk (IRESC) at Kumamoto University (about 40 in attendance including three from the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo). Joined Kick-Off Meeting of Case Station-Field Campus Kumamoto (CASiFiCA-KUMAMOTO) (about 100 participants including Mayors of Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City)
    March 6 Visited Kumamoto University. Moved to Tottori City from Kumamoto City by JR.
    March 7 Meeting with Professor Emeritus Michiue (Former President of Tottori University). Meeting with Professor Fukuyama of Graduate School of Engineering about the student exchange program. Visited Tajima Area of Hyogo Prefecture.
    March 8 Visited Aoya Junior High School (meeting with Principal Hirai, Vice-Principal Matsumoto and other teachers). Research Seminar at Tottori University (30 in attendance). Exchange party with engineering professors.
    March 9 Meeting with Professor Emeritus Noda (Former Vice-President of Tottori University), Professor Fukuyama and Dr. Na of Engineering. Visited Matsue area for field observation.
    March 11 Meeting with Professor Tanaka (Dean of Engineering). Exchange luncheon with 22 professors and officers related to the university international affairs including Professor Ikadatsu (Director of Education Center). Meeting with President Nose of Tottori University, Trustee Honna of Education and International Affairs, and Vice-President Waka (Director of International Center).
    March 12 Moved to Tokyo from Tottori City by airplane.
    March 14 Meeting with President Mishima of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). Visited various facilities of Tokyo Tech including Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (Professor Saeki), Environmental Energy and Innovation Building (Professor Ihara) and University Library (Professor Michiie) of Tokyo Tech.
    March 15 Visited Japan Academy. Meeting with President Kubo, Vice-President Sugimura, and Professor Suzuki of International Exchange Committee. Research Seminar at Tokyo Tech (16 in attendance). Exchange party with professors of Tokyo Tech, Tohoku University and other researchers and students.
    March 18 2013 Visited Science Council of Japan. Meeting with President Ohnishi and Vice-President Kasuga (International Affairs). Visited Canadian Embassy and meeting with Council General Clugston. Moved to Kyoto from Tokyo by JR.
    March 19 Special seminar “Fulfillment and Success in Research” for young researchers and graduate students (10 participants). Exchange meeting with the participants.
    March 21 Meeting with Professor Tatano of DPRI of Kyoto University about further collaboration on research and education.
    March 22 Attended the final lecture of Professor Fukushima of Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University and delivered a memorial speech.
    March 23 Dinner meeting with Professor Nakajima (Director of DPRI at Kyoto University) and Professor Tatano (host professor) at which further collaboration between the institutes was discussed in detail.
    March 24 Moved to Kumamoto City from Uji City of Kyoto.
    March 25 Meeting with Assistant Professor Yoshida of Kumamoto University and Professor Fukuyama of Tottori University on game-theoretic analyses of global risks. Meeting and supper with Professor Okada, Professor Kakimoto, Assistant Professor Fujimi of Kumamoto University on disaster risk.
    March 26 Luncheon meeting with Kumamoto University members (including Prof. Okada, Prof. Yamada, Prof. Kakimoto, and Assistant Professor Fujimi) on systematic disaster management and international policies. Courtesy visit to Prof. Takashima, Dean of Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University. Courtesy visit to Prof. Isao Taniguchi, President of Kumamoto University. Dinner with 8 professors of Kumamoto University.
    March 27 2013 Moved to Uji, Kyoto from Kumamoto City.
    March 28 Research discussion with Associate Professor Yokomatsu of DPRI of Kyoto University on conflicts in disaster prevention policies.
    March 31 Departed from Japan to his home country of Canada.

  5. Description of and results from the invitation

    Professor Keith W. Hipel provided research seminars at Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kumamoto University, and Tottori University during his one month stay in Japan. Through these presentations, the latest system of systems approach was introduced to Japan, especially in the field of environmental issues related to climate change. Educational seminars and discussions were also provided for young researchers and graduate students on the topic of success in engineering research in many universities including Kyoto University. Prof. Hipel made courtesy visits to the Presidents of Kyoto, Kumamoto, and Tottori Universities, and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and to Deans of engineering and sciences to discuss new directions in research, innovation and technology, and educational and research collaborations. Prof. Hipel, who is the recipient of the JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists and also the next President of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada starting in November 2013, made courtesy visits to the Japan Academy and the Science Council of Japan, and discussed with the Presidents of these two prestigious Japanese academic organizations the necessity of research on climate change and also further collaboration between Japan and Canada.

  6. Contributions to the Host Institute (e.g. inspiration to young scientists, internationalization of a host institute as a whole, etc.)

    The invitee, Prof. Hipel, provided research seminars on a system of systems approach to the issue of tackling climate change and inspired many Japanese researchers. Prof. Hipel also provided guidance to young researchers and graduate students about having a successful career in engineering research. During these talks, promising research topics were also suggested for young researchers in the field of global engineering. Furthermore, designing successful student exchange programs was also discussed at Kyoto University, Tokyo Tech, Kumamoto University, and Tottori University.

  7. Others

    Prof. Hipel visited the Science Council of Japan, Japan Academy, and the Canadian Embassy of Japan and discussed the future of academic organizations and their necessary work on global environmental issues as well as further academic and research collaboration between Canada and Japan.