JSPS awards for eminent scientists

Report on the JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists FY2010

  1. Host Researcher

    Name: Professor Dr. Hiroshi Moriyama
    Department of Chemistry, Toho University

  2. Invited eminent scientist (name, title and affiliation, nationality)

    Professor Dr. Richard R. Ernst
    (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 1991)

    Emeritus Professor of Laboratorium für Physicalische Chemie
    Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

  3. Duration of the stay

    First visit: from March 9 to March 17 (9 days)

  4. 4. Schedule during the stay (date, research activities, name of the places to visit, and description of the visits )

    Year/Month/Day Visiting place/Contents
    March 9 Flew from Delhi (India) to Tokyo (Narita) International Airport
    JSPS HOPE meeting (see: http://www.hopemeetings.jp/2011/index.html)
    March 10

    Afternoon (13:30–15:00) : JSPS HOPE meeting:  Group discussion

    March 11

    Morning ( 9:00–10:00): JSPS HOPE meeting: presented a lecture
    ‘My Pathway into Science and Beyond’

    March 12

    Lecture scheduled for high school students at Toho University ‘My Pathway into Science and Beyond’
    Unfortunately, we had to cancel this lecture because of the huge earthquake on March 11th (no transportation was available).

    March 13 Travelled to Nagoya by Shinkansen (bullet train).
    Visited the Tokugawa Museum.
    March 14 Visited the headquarters of Nagoya University and the Structural Biology Center. (Prof. Hisanori Shinohara)   
    Presented a lecture at Nagoya University ; ‘NMR and its Nobel Glory’
    March 15 Presented a lecture at NIPS International Workshop in Nagoya
    entitled ‘International Symposium on Encounter and Leaps in Science’ (Prof. Kuniaki Nagayama)   
    ‘Skhavati, an Ancient Buryat Painting Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy’
    March 16 Travelled to Kinki University (by Shi-kansen and by limited express from Nagoya to Kinokawa city in Wakayama Prefecture)
    Visited the High Pressure Protein Research Center (Prof. Kazuyuki Akasaka) at Kinki University and presented a lecture
    ‘Fascinating Insights in Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine by NMR’.
    March 17 Morning: flew to Zürich via Frankfurt from Kansai International Airport.

  5. Description of and results from the invitation

    Prof. Ernst visited Japan for the second time during March 9–17, 2011.  At the JSPS HOPE meeting, the group discussion, held on the afternoon of March 10th, was particularly fruitful.  The small number of participants prepared their own questions in advance.  These were wide-ranging, for example:  ‘What the research for you?’, ‘In your academic career, what is the most important thing?’. Dr. Kosei E. Yamaguchi of Toho University chaired this session as mentor and Prof. Ernst answered these questions sincerely.  On the following day, he gave a plenary lecture at the HOPE meeting ’My Pathway into Science and Beyond’.
      During his visit there was one day (March 12th) available for presenting a lecture to young high school students of Toho University, But unfortunately, it had to be canceled due to the huge March 11th earthquake (when all transportation was stopped).  Other lecture programs nonetheless proceeded as planned. On March 14th  he gave a lecture on ‘NMR and its Nobel Glory’ at Nagoya University and the NIPS International Symposium ‘International Symposium on Encounter and Leaps in Science‘ organized by Prof. Kuniaki Nagayama took place on March 15th  Lecture title of Prof. Ernst was ’Skhavati, an Ancient Buryat Painting Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy’  On March 16th afternoon Prof. Ernst visited High-pressure Protein Research Center (Prof. Kazuyuki Akasaka) at Kinki University and gave a lecture on ’Fascinating Insights in Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine by NMR’.
      All Prof. Ernst’s lectures were full of humor and all audiences were very impressed by their content.

  6. Contributions to the Host Institute
      We planned for Prof. Ernst to lecture to high school students on March 12th.
      Unfortunately, because of the huge earthquake on March 11th, we had to cancel the lecture.
      We are expecting Prof. Ernst to have a further great influence on many young Japanese scientists in FY 2011.

  7. Others

    We appreciate the support of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for this program, which has enabled us to invite Prof. Ernst, the most important scientist in this scientific field of magnetic resonance to come to lecture in Japan.