The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science has
established a new liaison office in Stockholm, Sweden and appointed
Professor Yoshiro Shimura as its director. On Thursday May 31, 2001,
JSPS held a reception at the Sheraton Stockholm to celebrate the opening
of the office.
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Fourth Meeting of "Heads of Research Councils of Asian Countries (A-HORCs)" Held in Paralleled with "Northeastern Asian Symposium 2006"

The fourth meeting of the Heads of Research Councils of Asian Countries (A-HORCs) was held in Beppu City and Fukuoka City in Kyushu from 6-9 November 2006.

A-HORCs meetings are held among the heads of Asia’s leading research funding agencies: namely, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF). Their purpose is to exchange opinions on issues of science and technology policy with a view to strengthening collaboration between the three countries. Originally proposed by JSPS, the first A-HORCs meeting was held in Tokyo in 2003, with second one held in China (Shanghai) and the third in Korea (Kyongju). This year, the meeting rotated back to Japan.

In the main session held on 7 November, JSPS president Professor Motoyuki Ono delivered the opening address, followed by presentations on "science and technology policy" by representatives from the three countries, leading way to an active and candid exchange of views on the subject. The theme of next year’s Northeastern Asian Symposium was also discussed, with "new materials" chosen.

In parallel with the meeting, JSPS held the Northeastern Asian Symposium in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Co-sponsored by JSPS, NSFC and KOSEF, the symposium was held on the theme "climate change," which was selected at the third A-HORCs meeting. The event brought together researchers from Japan, China and Korea who are specialized in related research fields to exchange the latest information on scientific advances through presentations and interactive discussion, while giving them the opportunity to build networks that can facilitate the start of collaborations.

Attending this year’s symposium on "climate change" were the participants from the three countries and observers from the United States, altogether numbering 53 including administrators. They engaged in spirited discussions throughout the symposium.

The three agencies take turns in holding these meetings and symposiums, so the next ones will be venued in China.


A-HORCs Meeting   Northeastern Asian Symposium
A-HORCs Meeting   Northeastern Asian Symposium