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Selected Programs (FY2004)

【New Scientific Fields】
No. Program Title University Program
K01 Topological Science and Technology Hokkaido University Satoshi Tanda
K02 Marine Bio-Manipulation Frontier for Food Production -Toward Advanced and Safe Use of Aquatic Organisms Hokkaido University Kohei Yamauchi
K03 Establishment of Thermo-Biosystem Research Program:
A Case Study of the Responses of Biological Systems to Cold
Iwate University Matsuo Uemura
K04 Comprehensive Research and Education Center for Planning of Drug Development and Clinical Evaluation Tohoku University Yutaka Imai
K05 Biomedical research using accelerator technology Gunma University Takashi Nakano
K06 Center of Public Studies for Sustainable Welfare Society Chiba University Yoshinori Hiroi
K07 Elucidation of language structure and semantics behind genome and life system The University of Tokyo Toshihisa Takagi
K08 Next generation ubiquitous information society infrastructure The University of Tokyo Ken Sakamura
K09 Science of Institutional Management of Technology Tokyo Institute of Technology Chihiro Watanabe
K10 Creation of Agent-based Social Systems Science Tokyo Institute of Technology Hiroshi Deguchi
K11 How to build Habitable planets? Tokyo Institute of Technology Eiichi Takahashi
K12 Centre for New European Research Hitotsubashi University Susumu Yamauchi
K13 Innovative Brain Science for Development, Learning and Memory: First stage by bridging multiple methodological approaches Kanazawa University Haruhiro Higashida
K14 Verifiable and Evolvable e-Society Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Takuya Katayama
K15 Satellite Ecology for Basin Ecosystem Studies Gifu University Hiroshi Koizumi
K16 Research and Education Center of Nanovision Science National University Corporation Shizuoka University Hidenori Mimura
K17 Frontiers of Computational Science Nagoya University Yukio Kaneda
K18 Innovative Food and Environmentel Studies Pioneered by Entomomimetic Sciences Kyoto University Kenji Fujisaki
K19 Center for Integrated Cell and Tissue Regulation Osaka University Toru Nakano
K20 COE for Research on formation and characteristics of Ancient Japan Nara Women's University Kazumi Tateno
K21 The Research Core for Chromosome Engineering Technology Tottori University Mitsuo Oshimura
K22 COE on Hyper Human Technology toward the 21st Century Industrial Revolution Hiroshima University Masazumi Okajima
K23 Comprehensive analyses of biodiversity in coral reef and island ecosystems University of the Ryukyus Makoto Tsuchiya
K24 Base to Overcome Fatigue Osaka City University Yasuyoshi Watanabe
K25 Establishment of World Organization for Kanbun Studies Nishogakusha University Setsuya Takayama
K26 Development of Drug Discovery Frontier Integrated from Tradition to Proteome Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Yoshiaki Kiso
K27 Social Management Systems Kochi University of Technology Seigo Nasu
K28 The program of the Kakiemon-style Ceramic Art Research Center Kyushu Sangyo University Koji himomura

21st COE Program