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To strengthen the scientific research network within Asia, it was desirable to establish a network among the region's research councils and funding institutions, especially because of the increasing international mobility of researchers and growing importance of addressing regional/global issues of common interest, such as climate change, infectious diseases, natural disasters, energy, and the environment. Given this background, ten major research councils and funding institutions in Asia organized a meeting series titled "ASIAHORCs (Asian Heads of Research Councils)." Its purpose is to build and strengthen the network among the member institutions that bear primary responsibility for advancing scientific research within the Asian region. ASIAHORCs serves as a platform for research collaboration on an Asian community level. For more details, please visit the site of “ASIAHORCs Meetings” and “ASIAHORCs Joint Symposia.”



“ASIAHORCs ― Transforming Asia into a Global Scientific Community for a Sustainable, Harmonious and Prosperous World”

With this as their vision, ASIAHORCs member institutions work together to advance the development of Asian science and society.




The two people jumping in a synchronized manner symbolize close collaboration between the ASIAHORCs member institutions and between Asian researchers. The waves streaming above them denote the surging advancement of Asian science and society. The three colors of blue, green and orange express the richness of the region’s natural environment and the energy of its peoples. These colors also convey the sense of a sustainable, harmonious, and prosperous world.