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Messages and Speeches from President
      photo_Motoyuki Ono President of JSPS  

Motoyuki Ono

Message from JSPS's President

On 1 October 2003, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science became an "independent administrative institution," turning an epochal leaf in its 72-year history of transition from first a private, nonprofit foundation to a quasi-government organization. Over this period, JSPS has, as a core agency promoting Japanese science, initiated and carried out a wide range of programs to advance scientific research, including research grants, researcher cultivation, and international exchange and cooperation. In addition, last year JSPS began performing the selection and evaluation functions of the 21st Century COE Program.

As another milestone, this year JSPS established within its organization the "Research Center for Science System," which enlists the participation of university-affiliated frontline researchers in carrying out studies and evaluations germane to science promotion. The Center, thus, enhances JSPS ability to exercise program accountability from a scientific perspective.

Japan's ability to play a leading role in the budding "knowledge century" will hinge on advancing science and technology. Therefore, the government is placing top policy priority on making Japan a nation undergirded by S&T creativity of the world's highest caliber.

At such a time of heightened need for promotion of research that is highly diverse and rich in originality, the role played by JSPS becomes all the more vital.

Giving maximum expression to the merits of being an independent administrative institution, JSPS will carry out its programs with increased flexibility, efficiency and transparency. While working to contribute to the advancement of science in Japan, it is the renewed desire of all our staffs to further develop JSPS as an organization that wins and enjoys the trust of researchers and academic communities throughout the world.

To this end, I ask all of you for your support and cooperation.



2nd Meeting of the Heads of Research Councils in Asia (A-HORCs)
Roundtable on "S&T Human Resource Development"
(Shanghai, December 3, 2004)

Presentation at the 5th Conference of Asian University Presidents
(Fukuoka, November 28, 2004)

"National University Reform and President's Leadership,"
in Japan-UK Higher Education Programme of Collaboration Open Forum
(Tokyo, June 7, 2004)

At the Memorandum of Understranding signing ceremony for the JSPS Core-to-Core Program between JSPS and the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
(Munich, Februaly 11, 2004)

"Scientific Trends in Japan -The University Reform," in the 1st Meeting of the Heads of Research Councils in Asia
(Tokyo, November 6, 2003)

At Opening Ceremony of Core University Programme between Kyushu University and Chungnam National University under JSPS-KOSEF Core University Progamme
(September 5, 2003)

Opening Remarks at the JSPS Washington Office's Eighth Science in Japan Forum
(Washington DC, June 6, 2003)

Remarks at the Opening of the JSPS San Francisco Office
(Berkeley, May 27, 2003)

Opening Remarks at the 13th Meeting of the Japan-Korea Joint Committee for Basic Scientific Research
(Sapporo May 20, 2003)

Opening Remarks at the JSPS Bonn Office's Eighth Symposium
(Würzburg, May 9, 2003)

Welcome Speech at the Welcome Reception for New Director of the JSPS London Office
(London, March 20, 2003)

Greetings by New Director General
(Feb 2003,Tokyo)